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Helping you with your personal colour palettes, body shapes, wardrobe planning, personal shopping and total image makeovers. I have been in the hair, beauty and fashion industry for 30 plus years and have seen lots of fashions and trends come and go, but some things that never go out of fashion are confidence, class and style.

Style and confidence go together, if you are feeling good about your self and how you look, you will naturally portray confidence. When confidence and style are paired together and are in sync, this is where someone comes across as having their own individual style and this can also be identified as your own personal brand.

I love to help you look and feel you’re very best; from knowing what really suits you, to helping you find it – After all our company motto is We don’t just do hair…” We do beautiful”.

Searching for the perfect outfit to wear can feel like an impossible mission at times. You can hunt through shop after shop looking for just the right piece to make you feel fabulous and when you do, it’s brilliant.

Sometimes finding the right outfit is a major stress and one you don’t need. Does this happen to you? It may not be just for a special occasion, you may go to your wardrobe and nothing seems right, your body shape may have changed, or you have new life events happening and want to look and feel fabulous. Maybe you avoid shopping because you can’t find clothes you love that make you look and feel great. You may have some lovely clothes but just need someone to help you refresh your image. Well, this is where I step in with some expert help.

I have many varied clients, university graduates needing a professional work attire, mums returning to the workforce, busy professional men and woman who must look right at work and have little time to be hunting through shops. I offer a friendly relaxed professional environment to help you become the very best version of you!

I am offering a FREE 15-minute consultation, we can do over a coffee. I have been helping clients with their personal style for many years. I believe it’s a privilege to work with you to achieve life-changing results. Whether you are simply seeking expert opinion to learn more about looking your best, maybe you want help with a one-off special occasion outfit, or a total makeover reinventing yourself. There is no better feeling for myself as a stylist than when I see the happiness in your eyes and smile when you look and feel amazing.

Thanks, Vicki

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