Another year has passed, but this one was a standout from the rest. 2020 has been a rollercoaster, with a new challenge around every corner. This gives us more to look forward to in 2021, a fresh start, and a new outlook on life.

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We often hear the saying at this time of year “New Year, New Me.” Of course, this comment often does not grow past that of a saying, and rarely is ever implemented.

All too often people make new year's resolutions, to stick with them for a few days and give up before they have made it a routine. Whether it is sticking to a healthier diet, getting your dream job, working to raise a happy family, or just to achieve a sense of happiness, we believe all goals are achievable and worthwhile.

At V for Hair and Beauty, we do not want you to just achieve the feeling of looking like a new person but feeling like a new person as well. A boost and rejuvenation on the outside might just be what you need to start working on what is inside.

We have compiled a list of our must-have services to get you on track for the new year. These would also be perfect gifts for friends and family or a way of making any of your loved ones feel revived and ready for the new year.

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Haircut and Restyle

Your haircut is one of the most defining features of a person and has a large influence on your overall look. If you are feeling like you are in the need of a refresh in the new year, there is no better way to start than a restyle haircut. With less commitment than new hair colour, it is the perfect first step to achieving the “New Year, New Me.”

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Hair colour rejuvenation

A hair colour change or rejuvenation has a big visual impact and can immediately lift your spirits and make you feel amazing. Colour change is getting easier all the time and you can do so without damaging your hair. We constantly upskill and train on the most up to date products available to bring the latest looks and techniques to you our clients. Consultation is key, we can help you to achieve a beautiful new look for 2021.

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Hair Treatment

You may not be wanting a new restyled cut for the new year but are still wanting your hair to feel different and revitalized. In this case, one of our hair treatments in-store would be a great alternative to leave with your hair nourished and looking amazing for the new year. With either our express or luxury treatments available, these treatments aim to replenish and restore the damage done to your hair, to leave it smoothed, nourished, and hydrated.

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Facial Treatment

Do you feel like you have been almost rejecting your skincare over the past few years? Well, there is no better time than now to sort out a beneficial skincare regime and stick to it. We have a range of facial products in-store, and do professional facials tailored to each client. Our facial services are by far the most relaxing and indulgent experiences available in store. They are also very beneficial - and with a range of facials to choose from, our beauticians can find one that targets your specific needs and skin requirements. Using products from our two leading facial brands, Pure Fiji and Mukti, our facial services are of the highest quality and are luxury experiences. You will leave the salon feeling like a new person and your skin will thank you.

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Lash Lift and Tint

Lash lifts and tints are two of the most popular services in our beauty salon today. A lash lift semi-permanently curls the lashes upward, creating a more defined look making your lashes appear longer and more voluminous. A lash-tint, tints the lashes darker to enhance and define them and perfectly goes together with a lash lift. You would be surprised just how much of a difference a lash lift or tint can make to your life. And not just to your outward appearance, but the time and money it will save you from having to use mascara, as well as the benefits of being able to swim and exercise with no worry of it smudging or streaking. These two services are low maintenance as well, and often last up to 4-6 weeks before needing to be done again.

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Spray Tan

As the weather warms up, the number of people at beaches and pools are increasing, the sun is out, and it is the perfect opportunity to get your tan on. However, for some of us, it is not so easy, and we must lather on the sunscreen in order not to get burnt. If you want to achieve the ideal golden tanned skin without worrying about other side effects, spray tanning is the way to go. The Bondi Sands formula we use is world-renowned and the best of the best, providing our clients with amazing brown skin year around. Feel more confident and beach-ready this summer with one of our amazing spray tans!

So to get your glam on for 2021 here is where you start.

V for Hair & Beauty would love to help!

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