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Recently we welcomed the Grounded Body range instore and online, which has been met with a great response so far. Grounded Body Scrub is the UK’s number one coffee scrub company. They specialise in creating beautiful body care products for those who love to take care of their skin. Grounded is stocked in over 30 countries worldwide and has developed from a coffee scrub made in the kitchen to a whole-body care brand.

Grounded Body coffee scrub for skin

One thing we love about this range is that it really does have something for everyone, despite not having that many products. They pride themselves in being a cruelty free and vegan range, which we love! Our staff have loved testing out these products, with the Peppermint Coffee Body Scrubs being a favourite with our barbers’ boys! This range is perfect for students, or someone wanting to start their skincare journey as they have great quality products for reasonable prices. We have been trying out these products and here is what we think:

White Clay and Aloe Seaweed Cleanser:

Grounded Body White Clay and Aloe Seaweed Cleanser

This cleanser is a great start to any skincare routine. Straight out of the bottle you can feel the smoothness of the product. With clay in the name, a common misconception could be that this cleanser will feel heavy on the skin, when it is light and easy to apply. It does not leave your skin feeling stripped as it keeps it hydrated with Aloe Vera and Seaweed, while purifying your skin with white clay. 

Floral Facial Toner:

Grounded Floral Facial Toner

The Floral facial toner is great for refreshing and hydrating the skin. A beauty hack we have found with this toner is that you can spray it over your makeup during the day to give you a nice, refreshed feeling, without having to wash your face. It also goes great in hand with the White Clay and Aloe Seaweed Cleanser. 

Hair Masks:

Grounded Body Hair Masks

Our first impression of these hair masks, particularly the Pina Colada infusion, is that they smell incredible. Each of the hair masks has a specific blend of ingredients that set them apart from the other two scents meaning they are each targeted for different hair goals. We were surprised to see that when testing out these hair masks, a little goes a long way! We estimate you will get 10-25 uses out of one packet alone, depending on the length of your hair. Unfortunately, these Grounded Hair Masks are limited edition, and are only available while stocks last, so do not miss out!

Body Scrubs:

Girls with Grounded Body Scrubs

Grounded Body’s Body Scrubs are world renowned, and this product shows why they are the bestselling body scrub in the UK. These scrubs leave your skin feeling silky smooth - and that is not an exaggeration. They are the perfect exfoliant to use prior to shaving, or just to keep your skin feeling amazing. We stock this scrub in a range of scents, which allows everyone to pick and choose their personal favourite scrub. The Peppermint infusion has been a major hit with the barber’s boys and is definitely a top pick for males. However, the smell of fresh peppermint is not just for males, but is great for women wanting a lovely, fresh yet not too fruity or floral scent.

Face Scrubs:

Grounded Body Face Scrubs

If there was one must-have product to recommend from Grounded’s range, it would hands down have to be their face scrubs. The difference in skin texture that we have noticed before and after using these scrubs is incredible. Heading into using these scrubs, we thought coffee grounds may be too rough and damaging for the skin. However, Grounded use extra fine coffee grounds in their face scrubs, leaving amazing results. The lemon tea tree mask is designed for people with oily/combination skin, where the sweet orange mask is perfect for those with drier skin. When trying out this product, we have seen the best results when we wet our faces, massage the scrub in for a few minutes, and then leave for it to soak into your skin. This means that while the scrub exfoliates, it also hydrates your skin.

Lip Balms:

Grounded Choc Orange Lip Balm
Grounded Peppermint Lip Balm

Grounded Body’s Lip Balms are just an essential to have in your car, handbag, next to your bed - everywhere. Very nourishing and smelling great, these lip balms are a great stocking filler or addition to any other grounded product, leaving your lips feeling smooth and hydrated. The Peppermint scent is also a perfect option for men - a nice neutral smell that is fresh and prevents chapped and dry lips.

Grounded Body scrub product range

From body scrubs to hair masks, Grounded Body has you covered with top quality, beautifully fragranced products that deliver amazing results. They make the perfect gift for teenagers, or anyone wanting to start taking better care of their skin. To start your journey into the big wide world of skincare, Grounded is the way to go. Grounded products are affordable, but also still maintain top quality ingredients and provide amazing results to consumers. We stock the full range at V for Hair and Beauty Merivale and are more than happy to recommend the products best suited for you.

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