Here’s why you should! & I would love to do them for you!

Vicki picking your colors - Personal Fashion Stylist Christchurch

Ifyou have previously had your colours done, let me give you a refresh ready for2020!

I want to help you be the best version of yourself from top to toe. Where do you start? I suggest having your personal colour palette done.

As we age, our skin, hair and eyes naturally fade. But our natural undertone doesn’t change as we get older it stays the same. While our skin, eyes and hair colour may change, there’s no reason you shouldn’t still stand out and look your best.

Changingyour colour preferences through the years is normal as sometimes as we mature, wefeel the need to leave certain (usually the brighter and darker) colours behindus, and stick the softer colours in our personal season colour palette.

It can, however, mean rethinking some ofyour old favourites when it comes to picking make-up and clothes, especiallywhere colour is involved.

Having your colours analysed was hugelypopular not that long ago, whether it was via a home visit from a ‘colours’professional in the 1980s or just through watching Trinny and Susannah helphapless dressers pick their best colours on TV in the 1990s.

As fashion trends of the 21stcentury head towards a more polished and groomed look, colour analysis ismaking a huge resurgence globally. I am a fully qualified Personal Colour Stylistand I would love to help you look and feel amazing with some very easy anduseful fashion colour tips.

Having your colours done is very effectiveand could be the key to refreshing your style to complement the skin and hairtone you have now.

Getting a colour analysis shows you “the colours that complement your complexion, eyes and hair to make you look more youthful and vibrant."

Here’s how the process works...

Vicki Personal Fashion Stylist Christchurch

We meet,either at our salon in Merivale or I can come to you. We will have aconsultation where I  look at yourpersonal colour palette and body shape.I will give you a fresh approach, I am non-judgemental, confidential, caring,friendly and will help you to appreciate your worth and become the best versionof you.

You will get yourown seasonal colour palette fan to refer to as you make great positive choiceswith clothes and the colours will suit you! You will end up with a workablewardrobe that you use. Many people who haven’t had their colours done findthemselves buying things that don’t suit them and then only actually using 20%of the garments in their wardrobe. Your colour fan should be kept in yourhandbag to refer to while shopping and making good colour choices.

Picking your colors, Winter, Persona Styling
Picking your colors, Summer, Persona Styling
Picking your colors, Autumn, Persona Styling
Picking your colors, Spring, Persona Styling

Personalised Colours & Body Shape Package:

A Personalised Colours & Body Shape consultation with Personal Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee is your secret weapon, fashion accessory.


You will…

  • Discover how to look and feel your best every day.
  • Have a wardrobe that works for you, looks great on you and gives you confidence and style.
  • Have colour as your secret weapon, a no-cost item in your wardrobe.
  • Save yourself time, money, energy and reduce waste. Shopping is easier, discover how to choose the right colours for clothing, jewellery, footwear and sunglasses.

For many of my clients, this has been life-changing. I will teach you how to select the right colours, giving you style and confidence to realise your full potential.

Package includes…

  • Body shape analysis, so you know what style and fit of garments are best for your individual body shape.
  • A full-colour palette consultation and your personalised season colour fan to take away.
  • Full hair colour and style consultation.
  • Advice on beauty and skincare treatments.
  • Makeup colours.
  • Complimentary email follow-up for those questions you may have after your initial consultation.
Vicki Personal Fashion Stylist Christchurch

If you had your colours done as I did in the 80’s or 90’s you may very well be ready for a refresh. I will consult with you to make sure that you are wearing the correct season of colour that best suits you.

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Personalised Colour Refresher Package:

Personalized Color Refresher Package

Package includes…

  • Consultation tomake sure you have the correct colour palette.
  • A re-fresher tolearn new exciting ways to use those colours and receive an injection of colourenergy into your wardrobe.
  • Update your colourchoices.
  • Full hair colourand style consultation.
  • Option to purchasea new full personalised season colour fan to take away.

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Personal colour analysis is the perfect fashion accessory and secret weapon to looking and feeling a million dollars.

I believe it’s a privilege to work with you to achieve life-changing results. Whether you are simply seeking expert opinion to learn more about looking your best, maybe you want help with a one-off special occasion outfit, or a total makeover reinventing yourself. There is no better feeling for myself as a stylist than when I see the happiness in your eyes and smile when you look and feel amazing.

Vicki Personal Fashion Stylist Christchurch