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I am excited to tell you about this wonderful new collagen.

Jeuneora Collagen- My family and I have been taking this product now for several months (since November 2019). We have all had very impressive results which include stronger nails, softening in the redness in acne inflamed skin, plumped skin and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, plus the biggest positive I have had is stronger, thicker, and faster growing hair! This is a huge positive for me- as I have very fine flyaway hair... but not anymore. I love this Collagen so much and the results that are achieved, that we now stock this at V For hair and beauty Merivale.

I personally love the two Renew+ collagen powders in Pineapple and Mixed Berry flavour. The picture below is of my breakfast, I take one scoop of powder on my cereal in the morning and take 1 Marine Collagen HAIR SKIN NAILS capsule. There is no taste of fish given that the collagen comes from fish, just a nice mixed berry flavour. This week I changed to the Pineapple Renew+ Collagen powder and it has a lovely fresh tropical taste.

All you get is fabulous hair skin and nails. The secret is easy, be consistent and you will get results.

Vicki breakfast with jeuneora Hair-Skin-Nails-Capsules

FAQ’S & ANSWERS ABOUT COLLAGEN from the Jeuneora team-


Q.  What makes Jeuneora’s collagen so special?

All Jeuneora’s Marine Collagen is HydrolysedType I, and is Ethically & Sustainably Sourced from Fish Skin.  Our marine collagen is sourced from Europe where several of our selected suppliers take pride in being part of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) which is an international environmental certification body created to certify fisheries according to environmental criteria.  

As well as being highly bioavailable (meaning it is smaller than other types of collagen and is more easily absorbed into the body), our Type I Marine Collagen is also suitable for pescatarians and has been scientifically researched for its beauty boosting effects, particularly around hair, skin & nails. 

Jeuneora capsule V for hair and beauty merivale

Q.  Is your Marine Collagen Type I, II or III?

Jeuneora uses only sustainably sourced Type I Hydrolysed Marine Collagen in our marine collagen range, sourced from fish skin. 

Q.  Why did you choose Type I collagen for your Marine Collagen range?

Type I collagen makes up approximately 80% of our skin’s dermal layer and is the building block of our skin’s structure. The majority of other animal collagen that is derived from bovine, chicken, or pork sources is often Type II Collagen, which is  beneficial for joints, but isn’t as effective as Type I Marine Collagen when it comes to beauty boosting benefits.   

In fact, marine collagen sourced from fish skin is up to 1.5 times more absorbent than bovine, porcine or chicken collagen because of its optimum (lower) molecular weight which makes it highly bioavailable and more easily absorbed by the body. 

Jeuneora renew V for hair and beauty merivale

Q. I want to buy one of your Marine Collagen products, but do not know which one is right for me! What are the differences?

We are glad you asked!  

We generally suggest Renew+ to those who are new to taking our Marine Collagen supplements as it is our most concentrated formula containing naturally occurring Elastin for skin and Zeolite for detox.  It is a systemic product that works right throughout the body.  


Q.  How long do I need to take Jeuneora Marine Collagen supplements before I start to notice the benefits?

Seeing improvement and timing will vary from person to person.  Many of our customers report increased energy within several days.  Hair and nails should start to become noticeably healthier and stronger within 3-12 weeks of taking our productson a daily basis.  Skin should start to show improvement around the same time.

The most important factor is to take our products consistently on a daily basis if you want to reap the benefits the quickest.  This is true for any collagen supplement on the market.


Q.  Can I take your supplements alongside other medications and vitamins?

Whilst we have a number of customers who take our supplements alongside various different medications, we always recommend that you speak with your healthcare professional first before adding Jeuneora into your routine if you are on existing medications, as every individual is different.  

Taking other vitamins alongside Jeuneora supplements is fine, but if you do have any concerns please speak with your healthcare professional first.

Q.  Are your supplements safe for children?

There are no known harmful effects for children wanting to take Marine Collagen or Volcanic Detox (the mineral Zeolite that is included in our Renew+ formulation). However, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional first.  We have had positive feedback from adolescents who have taken Jeuneora supplements in regard to improvement in their skin, mental clarity and sleep.

Q.  Can men use your products?

Absolutely!  We have many male customers who are regular users of the Jeuneora range!  They are just a little camera shy ;) Side note from Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

Q.  Can I travel overseas with Jeuneora products?

We have taken our products overseas to various countries and have never had an issue.  However, we suggest you check into the immigration policies of the country you are travelling to before you visit.  

 Jeuneora Naked+ Detox Travel Sticks & Hair Skin Nails Capsules can be easier to travel with, particularly if you only have carryon luggage. 


Q.  Can I use your marine collagen products if I have a seafood / shellfish allergy?

The short answer is…. No!Whilst our marine collagen supplements are made from sustainably sourced fish skin and do not contain any shellfish, our marine collagen is processed in a factory that also produces shellfish products.

Jeunera renew hair skin nails detox V for hair and beauty

Q.  Do your products help with acne?

Clinical research on oral marine collagen supplementation has largely focused on the improvement of skin smoothness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and hydration. There have been statistically significant clinical studies conducted in these areas.   Causes of acne can vary from person to person, and whilst there has been some excellent feedback regarding acne improvement with oral collagen supplementation, we caution that there is still more research to be conducted in this area before a definitive answer can be provided.   Collagen supplementation has been found to be helpful for gut health, which can often be the underlying cause of skin issues in some individuals.  It won’t hurt to give it a try!

Jeuneora collagen Naked mix with food V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

Q.  Do your products contain gluten or dairy?

Our Marine Collagen range does not contain gluten or dairy. 

Q.  Do your products contain binders, fillers, or additives?

NO - of course not!  Jeuneora take pride in the fact that we do not use any binders, fillers, or additives in any of our product ranges. 

Q.  Can I add Renew+,  Naked+ Detox Travel Sticks or Naked Collagen to smoothies, protein shakes, or hot drinks?

It is fine to mix Renew+, Naked+ Detox Travel Sticks and Naked Collagen with cold liquids.  

However, because Vitamin C is sensitive to heat, only the Naked Collagen can be added to boiling hot drinks (because it is the only product that does not contain Vitamin C).  All the other products can be added to warm / hot drinks, as long as they aren't boiling hot.

Q.  Can I take the Renew+, Naked Collagen, Hair Skin Nails Capsules together?

Our Hair Skin Nails Capsules pair well with any of our powdered Marine Collagen products.

We recommend that you only take one powder product per day. If you do choose to take more than one powder, we suggest taking them on alternate days. 

Q.  What is the best time of day to take Jeuneora Marine Collagen supplements?

You can take our supplements at any time of the day, with or without food.  The most important factor is to take them consistently!

Jeuneoras Commitment to Sustainability

Specialising in sustainably sourced and highly bioavailable Marine Collagen, all from no ordinary fish. Think, the ethically sourced, Nordic Fjords kind of fish. They only use the skin, skin that would otherwise be wasted. 

Jeuneora Recycling

They use New Zealand GMP/MPI certified manufacturers, and do not test on animals plus New Zealand customers can recycle their packaging through the team-up with Terracycle. The people who turn plastic packaging into playgrounds. 

Jeuneora Recycling V For Hair and Beauty Merivale
Jeuneora Vicki's secret weapon V For Hair and Beauty Merivale
Vicki Collagen is the key V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

At “50” I have never had injectables, just used a good skin care regime & now enjoy the benefits of Jeuneora collagen!  

YOU can too!

Master stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee