As we approach the end of another decade, we leave some popular fashions behind to make room for the new. Around this time of the year, a new saying pops up to motivate and change things for the new year - “New year, new me.” The most common New Year resolutions are related to work, fitness, study, relationships and side hustles designed to better yourself for the next year ahead.

Changing your hair with your habits

Change is an obvious theme in New Year Goals, so why not go all out and make a bold hair or style transformation? Study results have shown that changing something significant in your life results in further change in daily activities and tasks, i.e. helping you reach even the hardest resolutions you have set yourself. At V for Hair and Beauty, we believe that by revamping and updating your look at the start of the year it will start you off on a good note to influence change in other areas of your life and get you into ticking off the resolutions you’ve given yourself. As Coco Chanel once said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” In this blog, we're going to touch on New Year beauty makeovers, trying something new for 2020 and how to maximise your inner fashion queen with personal styling packages. 

We offer free consultations at V for Hair and Beauty to all customers searching for a change. Make an appointment with one of our three experts, Daniel, Kumar or Sara, to discuss the process that will give you the results you'll love. If wanting to make a big change for the new decade, we do recommend that you ask for extra time when booking your consultation in order to help our stylist discuss the best treatments and services for you. You can figure out the perfect statement you are going to make for 2020 by talking to a professional and finding out what suits your skin tone and hair type.

What a difference! Transformation by Stylist Director Kumar

V for Hair and Beauty - Kumars client

The most common bold hair change is that of changing your hair colour. There are many ways to achieve this including balayage, ombre, highlights or a bold full head colour. These are great options to start looking into if you want a switch, but you haven't what you want yet. Balayage or ombre would be the safest options of these four suggestions, as they are considered to be softer than standard highlights or full global colour with less visible regrowth lines after a longer period of time. Most people with balayage are wishing to create soft and natural looks that are like what children have lightened naturally by the sun. Ombre is a stylish way of gradually blending from dark to light throughout the hair, usually starting midway. These types of styles are highly requested in our salon, and for a great reason. The results that come out at the end are amazing, especially for long hair.

Beautiful Auburn look by Executive Stylist Daniel

Daniel soft copper auburn hair

If you’re wanting a significant change, a bright pop of colour this summer then our global colour may be for you. You pick the shade from our range of colours available in the salon and leave with amazing bright hair, or beautiful neutral tones, whichever you prefer. Darker hair may have to be lightened at no extra cost in order to accurately get the desired colour. However, luckily for you one of our sensational hot deals on our website at the moment is our Global Colour and Style hair Package. This is the perfect package to choose for the New Year, with different prices ranging from $99-$179 for short to long hair. This package not only includes the colour, but also a blow wave from one of our expert stylists and a GHD Style finish of your choice.

Our Permanent Straightening Services work wonders! By Stylist Director Kumar

before permanent straightening
after permanent straightening

Another great idea to make an impact for the New Year is our permanent straightening services. If you have untameable, knotty, frizzy curly hair then this is a service that will change your life! Chemically straightening your hair will rid it of kinks, frizz and curls leaving straight, shiny and more manageable hair. Another option is the Brazilian Blowout services we offer, which makes your hair more manageable and cuts down majorly on blow-waving time. Your hair will stay in style better, colours hold better and you are protecting and conditioning your hair well. A keratin smoothing treatment is an alternative to both the Chemical Straightening and Brazilian Blowout. It seals the hair cuticles with a coating of protein that eliminates frizz, adds softness and shine. Any of these three options are wonderful ways to get the best look out of your hair all year round.

A straightening therapy service on our hot deals right now is our Strait Therapy Hair straightening package. This amazing hot deal is especially for those who have concerns about pre-existing hail damage as well as future hair deterioration. It is also a recommended package if your hair is on the fragile side and requires extra care. This includes a full in-depth consultation with a strait therapy straightening expert, strait therapy straightening service to suit your hair requirements, Moisture Keratin infusion Masque, Blow wave finish and home hair care recommendations. During this service, we only use the very best products for your prescribed hair needs.

Leaving some time for yourself to get back on track.

Spend some time on yourself this new year, you deserve it!

threading-on-Vicki. - V for Hair & Beauty Merivale

As well as spending some time during Christmas for significant others in your life, make sure that you give some time to yourself in the New Year. You-time is very important, especially to achieve those New Year’s resolutions. Book time for yourself as you would have a meeting or appointment, to make sure you leave yourself some extra time to relax. For example, booking time to be pampered is a prime way of reducing daily life's stress and emotional load. We have plenty of pamper packages available at V for Hair and Beauty for all price ranges, including facials, massages, pedicures, and much more. Key ones to look out for are ones available around Christmas - they are great value and will see amazing results.

A great way to start the New Year with a Wardrobe Detox. Making the most of your wardrobe means a good clean out and tidy at least 3 times a year. We all get busy and just put things back in the wardrobe to get them out of the way. It’s time to say goodbye to those jeans you’ve had since high school, the coat you always said you would wear but never have and you're worn-out shoes. Set yourself aside a couple of hours three times a year and it will be very easy to keep on top of your wardrobe organisation. Once you have had a good sort out and put back only the items that fit and that you will wear moving forward, you will soon recognise the gaps in your wardrobe that you now have. 

Let our Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee find your seasonal colour palette.

Vicki Personal Fashion Stylist Christchurch

Once you’ve reorganised your wardrobe and gotten rid of the stuff you don’t need, it may be time for a personal styling package. At V for hair and beauty, our passion is making our clients look and feel amazing. This year our Master Stylist Vicki has formalised her qualification as a Personal Fashion Stylist. She will give you a fresh approach, work with any budget, and is completely non-judgemental, confidential, caring, friendly and will help you to appreciate your worth and become the best version of you. Style and confidence go together, if you are feeling good about yourself and how you look, you will naturally portray confidence. When confidence and style are paired together and are in sync, this is where someone comes across as having their own individual style and this can also be identified as your own personal brand.

Need help picking your colour palette?

So, what are you waiting for? Start the change!