Our top hair and beauty picks ~ boxing SALE30% OFF continues

Our Big Boxing Day sale continues, the perfect time to grab the products you’ve been eyeing up all year. We have 30%off ALL products online, so get in quick while stocks last! All of our staff members have been asked their favourite, must have product out of our hundreds instore and online, and this is what they had to say:

“The Pure Fiji Vitamin C serum is amazing at hydrating and brightening skin. I love the entire vitamin c range. It is good for helping with pigmentation and dry and dehydrated skin and helps with wrinkles. It is also anti-aging and great at reducing the appearance of fine lines.”

“My favourite product is Mighty Matte, which is cream based but not too hard for a styling product. It lasts longer than other similar styling products and is great for a range of hair styles. It is also great value for money as are all the osis styling products – as you only use a little bit each time, you get your money’s worth. Great for everyday styling use, it needs to be applied on dry hair to mould into any creative hairstyle, or a casual everyday look”

“Our Rose oil is my favourite product because it’s not sticky like similar styling products can be and helps with untamed hair to eliminate frizz. You can use it before or after a blow dry, which produces really good results.” There are five oils in the range one for every hair and scalp type.

“My favourite product is the Pure Fiji Anti-aging day crème. It provides 24 hours of hydration, is good for all skin types and is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial, as well as being high in vitamins A, B, C and E. I use this and used to have really dry skin, but now my skin is very smooth and I also feel like using it continuously reduces the signs of wrinkles. This product is one of my many favourites from the Pure Fiji range.

“I am always recommending this mask to my clients, it’s ideal for those with cool toned blonde, grey and silver hair. It helps neutralise yellow hair and maintain cool tones for longer as well as protecting colour from fading, extending the longevity of the colour. It also doubles as a hair conditioning treatment, bonding the colour while treating the hair.” In salon we also use the other Chroma Id Treatment Masks on a variety of different coloured hair.

“This shampoo is good for blondes and grey hair for both men and women. It is a very concentrated shampoo, which means it lasts a long time. You can use it everyday or less often depending on your desired results. It is ideal for hair that goes yellow in the summer sun or in chlorine and it’s a great size to take when travelling.” the complementing products in the range are just fabulous as well.

“I have noticed an incredible difference using this conditioner compared to any others I have used. Having naturally curly hair, my hair often is easily tangled and knotted. However, the Keratin Smooth conditioner is amazing for smoothing out my hair. I apply  in the shower, leave it for a couple of minutes, then brush my hair out and rinse it out. It makes handling my hair so much easier!” The smoothing range we also recommend for our client shaving Keratin smoothing and permanent straightening services as well.

“I have almost tried all of our products from Pure Fiji and love them all, but my favourite product at the moment is the Calming Cleansing Balm from Mukti. My skin is not sensitive but the balm is great for removing the makeup from my skin before using my Pure Fiji Coconut cleanser, It has a very velvety texture which feels very nice on skin and removes even stubborn eye makeup easily. To use, just rub in circle motions, and just wash with water after. It is very gentle and has no fragrance - very good for sensitive skin.”

Mukti product range is 100% organic and really gets results.

This Hylauronic moisture kick treatment is 100% Georgie's favourite product, she says it is moisturising, hydrating, good for most hair types and creates shiny tangle free hair. The BC moisture kick range is actually our biggest selling hair care range we stock.

Order online for all of your hair and beauty needs. Of course, if you need any extra help with products, we are more than happy to help. Send us an email to merivalesalon@vforhair.co.nz,call us on 033556584 or come visit us in store. Please note we do have different holiday hours throughout the Christmas/ New Year period.