Clearing out around the home and your life has been quite topical of late.

So, let’s not forget one very important space that can usually always do with a sort out…your wardrobe.

Vicki Ogden O'Fee - V for Hair & Beauty

Making the most of your wardrobe means a good clean out and tidy at least 3 times a year. We all get busy and just put things back in the wardrobe to get them out of the way. Set yourself aside a couple of hours three times a year and it will be very easy to keep on top of your wardrobe organization.

Personal Stylist Christchurch
Personal Stylist Christchurch

Here are some of my top tips for the ultimate in wardrobe organizing.

You may have watched the organising guruMarie Kondo and she shows how much better we feel when we are organized.

You can do this your self or bring in the professionals…a service which I am offering and is extremely popular.

Wardrobe Audit Planning Package

Ladies have a total makeover of their wardrobe and I show you new ways to mix and match outfits which creates numerous new looks from your current wardrobe. I also leave you a list of where I see the gaps in your wardrobe.

What you need for your DIY wardrobe declutter

  • Bags or boxes for clothes that you will either sell or donate to charity.
  • A good amount of sturdy coat hangers (preferably all one colour). Wooden hangers are great your clothes don’t slip off them and they all look nice and consistent.
  • Invest in multi hangers for trousers and scarves.
  • Label maker.
Vicki label maker - wardrobe organizing
Wardrobe Organizing
Wardrobe Organizing

Make a start. Wipe down the walls andshelves in your wardrobe so you are starting with a nice clean space. I alsokeep a small box of old perfume bottles with the lids off in my wardrobe and itgives a nice scent.

Completely empty your wardrobe, I meaneverything even all the junk on the top shelf and the back corner on the floor.

Wardrobe detox

Now preferably with your label maker make sections/categories in your wardrobe. I recommend the following

  • Dresses
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Shirts
  • Blouses/good tops
  • Trousers
  • Jeans
Wardrobe color co-ordination

Now you are ready to put the garments that you will keep and use away. With each section, I like to colour coordinate, e.g dresses I have blue-pink-red-black-floral. I put both winter and summer together as I use my summer dresses in winter with warm tights and merino’s underneath them.

I like to have all my clothes hanging upexcept underwear, lingerie and hosiery. That way you can see at a glance whatyou have and what you can mix and match.

If like me you run out of wardrobe space, then get a ceiling-mounted rail, I use this for my blazers and short jackets. I keep a small step stool in my wardrobe so I can reach them, this utilises and space that would just be a shelf for odds and sods.

Do not hang onto clothes because you feel guilty about the cost and that you haven’t worn it much. If you haven’t worn something for 18 months chances are you won’t, so put it in the pile to discard. This is a very good process to do and you should start thinking about future purchases and making good buying decisions that suit your body shape, colour palette, style and lifestyle. When in investing in garments it's all about wears per item, not the cost. Also not keeping items for special occasions, once the initial occasion is over mix and match your good clothes with your other wardrobe items and get wear out of them.

Cleaning out wardrobe

Put to the side clothes that need mended,altered or dry cleaned, try these on and make sure the extra money is worth theinvestment.

Don’t keep clothes in the plastic from the dry cleaners, your clothes will deteriorate in these, use suit bags if necessary.

Shoes are not to be forgotten. Some shoes are easily polished back to looking new, while others will be past their best. Get rid of shoes that have damaged heals and are soiled. Put any shoes that need a good clean to the side and then make that your next project.

Beautiful pumps women's shoes

Handbags need to have their own shelf neatly organised in colour. Again, if you haven’t used a bag in 18 months then will you again?

Handbags organized in color

If you are anything like me, you may end up with extra cosmetics and hair care products. I keep a shelf of the extra products in my wardrobe. I have purchased plastic storage containers to keep these all organised.

Makeup organizer V for hair and beauty
Makeup organizer
Lipstick color co-ordination

Once you have ad a good sort out and putback only the items that fit and that you will wear moving forward, you willsoon recognise the gaps that you have.

Make a list and keep this in your handbag, that way when you are out shopping or looking online you will have it available and easy to see what necessities you need/want.

Wardrobe Detox V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale