Wardrobe detox ~ Lock down ~ The perfect time to organise your wardrobe.

by Vicki Ogden-O’Fee, Master Stylist/Personal Colour Analyst & Image Consultant

Wardrobe styling with Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

During lockdown it’s a great time to get organised around the home. A great place to start is your wardrobe. Here are my top tips for creating a beautiful, functional, and wearable wardrobe. Read to the end of the blog and I have also listed some of our latest limited edition fashion accessories for you to view.

It is quite easy, here is a simple strategy to detox your wardrobe ~

Empty your entire wardrobe

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  • Take everything of the hangers.
  • Group coat hangers so they are in groups of the same hanger
  • Divide your wardrobe into areas, tops, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets bulky/long, formal wear
  • From your pile of clothes take away anything that is too small, set it aside
  • Takeout anything you have not worn for a year, so if you haven’t worn items since lockdown 2020…will you ever?
  • Set aside any clothes that don’t fit you well or make you look and feel amazing. If you know your personal colour palette, use your colour guide for this and stick to it!

Putting items back

Discover wardrobe functionality – Vicki Ogden-O’Fee Image Consultant
  • Start with formal wear, hang these items in a space that you don’t always have to access. Tip take off all drycleaner’s plastic wrappers, as these are not good for your clothes long term, they help the fabric to break down.
  • Next to formal wear or at a space out of the way hang your long coats and bulky jackets.
  • In the most accessible space hang your tops, blouses, shirts, blazers. Group these in their own category e.g., tops together blazers together etc
  • Next pants, categorise these into work and casual, I like to use actual trouser hangers with clamps for all my pant, they hang nicer and stay in better shape, also less ironing required.
  • Dresses, put these in two categories summer and winter place on hangers and as per all other items have the hangers facing the same way and the front of the dresses facing the same way.
  • Finally skirts again on trouser hangers.
Wardrobe organising tips from Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

Now that really wasn’t that hard was it! And how good does your wardrobe look?

While you are in the flow today or a day soon do the same process with your shoes, fashion jewellery and fashion accessories. These things do date and clutter up space when not used. More often pushed to the back of wardrobe shelves and cause mess and clutter. 

If you are really on a roll, handbags are next. They are one huge clutter item. Most have one staple fashion handbag. Plus, evening special occasion pieces.

Disposing of items

  • Bag one -throw away items
  • Bag two- items you wish to donate or sell… you can’t drive around now with these items in your car for a month before disposing of them so decide, label the bags and stick to it. Ready to dispose when lockdown levels change.
Wardrobes stream lined and styled, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee Personal Colour Analyst

Now that you have a beautifully organised wardrobe, you will be able to

  • Easily find items that suit you and fit you because that’s all that’s in your wardrobe.
  • Create new looks, by trying new fresh combinations of your existing wardrobe items.

Now treat yourself… We can help with that!

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