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Grey hair remains trending as more and more women are seeking out advice on how to grow it out and maintain it. The acceptance of greys has been slowly changing with efforts aided in part by celebrities such a Chrissy Teigen and platforms such as @grombre, which reposts and celebrates women who show off their new silver growth (AKA the grey ombré), with style and grace.

While acceptance is on the rise, there are surprising barriers to going grey such as finding the right, educated colourist to help with the transition. In addition, even once you decide to ditch the dye, grey hair requires special care of its own.

We talked to Vicki Ogden-O’Fee, the owner of V for Hair and Beauty in Merivale, Christchurch, who is also a master stylist and personal colour analyst. She and her team are specialists in silver and grey hair, and what it takes to ensure your signature shade is always looking its best.

How did grey/silver hair first become a specialty at V for Hair and Beauty?

We found a huge gap in the market for woman that want to embrace their grey locks but still rock a hairstyle and look amazing. I researched hair products globally to come up with the best silver blending products available. Our entire team are expertly trained on helping women and men transition their look with grey/silver hair.

What are some important factors to consider when choosing to embrace grey/ silver hair?

Not everyone suits grey or silver hair, and that’s a fact. If you are warm based naturally, grey hair will be draining and ageing, but you will suit tons of sand, champagne and soft gold shades, and we have many ways to help you achieve this. Being cool on the other hand, we help you decide whether it’s ash or silver tones that are best for you or we may move you towards iris or ice blends. We consult with our clients and help you discover your natural undertone, then sit down and work out a plan for your hair style and desired hair colour palette.

Is there a particular stage where embracing grey hair becomes easier?

It becomes easier when you have 50 per cent or more silver hair. But we can still help you prior to this.

Is there a transition time frame/process that needs to be considered?

Some people choose to do a big transformation over say, a couple of days then maintain their new look, while other want to go there gradually. This is dependent on the client’s desired look, lifestyle, budget, and fashion personality.

What are your most recommended products for caring from grey/silver hair?

Great question. This is an area where you need a stylist with an expert colour eye, for example: if you are cool based not all silver shampoos and conditioners will suit you. You need to know whether blue based or violet based is better for you and we will help you with that. Also, if you are warm based with silver hair you need the right hue in your shampoos and conditioner as using a sliver blue based shampoo on warm grey hair will give it an unwanted green hue. So, the key is always consultation.

Is there any other recommended special care?

Before you start the process, search out hairstyles you love. Keep these images and take them to your initial consultation. Think about having a shorter/new hair style to instantly get rid of some of the old, built-up hair colour from years past. Think about what maintenance you

want moving forward, just because you have embraced silver/grey hair doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. We can help you become the best version of you!