With all the hype about real house wives of Auckland and the mock Real House Wives of Christchurch.  We thought...who are the real house wives out there? Are they people who just go from function to function while getting pampered in between with private hairdressers and make-up artists at their beck and call like on reality TV?  I think not, most of us don’t have such luxuries.We have loads of clients that are mums, step mums, care givers, working mums career mums and house wives. These days everyone has a busy schedule when it comes to being a mum running a household and working.Busy lives mean we need grooming routines that make our lives easier. There are loads of great ways to make colouring your hair hassle free and minimise regrowth. We can never stop the new growth coming in but we can make a plan to meet your life style.A mum with young kids or new babies won’t have a lot of time for blow waving and styling her hair every morning. A way to help with this is too have medium length hair that can be tied up if time is scarce. Also having soft high lights rather than block colour will minimise time spent on touching up new growth another way is some panelling of colour this could be used to enhance a sweeping fringe, have deeper or lighter panels at the nape area.

housewives hair

For those who grooming is an essential part of your lifestyle, whether it is be through choice or your occupation dictates that you must always be groomed, here are some ways to make the most of your hair styles.You should start with the cut, a style that suits your face shape, a good cut can draw the eye to your good features and detract from features you are trying to hide. For example, if you have great eyes, you may want to make a feature of your fringe which will draw people to your eyes, if you on the other hand have a double chin you don’t want your hair cut in a style that finishes at chin level, you need to go longer or shorter to help detract away from your chin area.Have a good through consultation with your hair stylist before colouring your hair. Just because you see a colour on a friend or a colour on a chart that you like doesn’t mean it will look great on you. A good stylist will look at your skin tone, eye colour, clothing style and help guide you to the colour that’s right for you. There are so many colour techniques that can be used to add multi-dimensional colouring to a great cut. Slices, highlights, lowlights, bailage, ombre, global colour to name a few.Slices are when we put slices or panels of colour either mixed in with your natural hair colour or with a global colour.Highlights are the technique of high lighting the hair this is usually when you are wanting lighter colours lighter  than your natural colour.Lowlights are when you put deeper tones, these can be on light or dark hair, lowlights can be used to soften out blondes that have become too light or putting dark fashions tones to break up global colours.Balliage is the technique of free hand colouring, combing through colours for a natural soft look.Ombre is when you take your hair from light too dark or dark to light, this usually looks best on longer hair so you see the full effect of the different shades.Global colouring is when you have the same colour applied all over this can be either as a permanent tint or a semi-permanent colour.Having a good hair colour that suits your skin tone and hair cut can really make you look amazing.We suggest using Fibreplex when having any colour work done, this is an additive that is added to your colour mix and helps stop the hair being compromised by the chemicals in the colour. Part of the fibreplex service is a treatment after your colour which makes the hair feel amazing we also recommend using the take home FIbreplex treatment once a week to keep your hair in optimum condition.We recommend that you talk to your stylist about maintenance programmes for your hair, things tlike coming back at say 4 weeks and having the T zone coloured will help stretch out the life of your colour. Having a base colour then having foils/highlights/lowlights every third visit is also a good way to keep your hair looking great all the time.If you want to have great looking hair you need to put the time and effort in or with blow waving and styling, it’s very hard to find a hairstyle that looks great when the hair is just washed and left to dry naturally. Using the correct styling products that work for your type and style is so important. As are good styling tools cheap straighteners may be a cheaper option initially when purchased but they are cheap for a reason and can be very damaging on your hair which is counterproductive long term by the time you buy treatments to help fix your damaged hair.Looking good takes effort... but the effort can be so worth the while if it makes you look and feel great. House wife or not!