There's no such thing as "wash & wear" if you want to look groomed and fabulous!

No such thing as wash and wear!
No such thing as wash and wear!

Today I am writing on short hair and all you need to know. If you have short hair or are considering a new short hairstyle then here are some tips and information for you. One of the most common things said to a hairdresser when ladies want a change is…I want a short easy-care hairstyle that I can wash and wear”.

Facts about short hair & short hair styling.

• Short hair does not always take less time to style.• Great grooming takes effort, time and consistency on a daily basis.• If you want to look great you most probably will need to wash and style your hair daily.• Good prescribed shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type make life easier.• The correct styling products are essential…there will be more than one styling product needed to style most short hairstyles.• You need good styling tools eg. blow waver, styling iron, brushes, combs.

Ghd for short hair
GHD styling tools…the perfect partner for short hair styling.

• If you want to have a no “hairdo” day…invest in hats and caps to suit your outfits…style them and learn to “rock” the look.

Short Hair invest in hats

• Statement earrings look amazing with short hair and can very easily change an outfit from day wear to evening wear.

Earrings with short hair

Benefits of a well-cut short hairstyle

• Short hair is a great way to enhance/disguise your features.• Short hair gives you the ability to have a focal point to the hair cut and direct the eyes away from areas on your face that you may not be so keen on. Like a big nose, double chin, or crooked teeth. Likewise, you can accentuate your good features cheekbones, eyes, lips.• You can regularly change your hairstyle.• Short hair looks great with most styles of spectacles.

Short Hair with glasses

• Short hair can look in better condition, as the hair on our head of a short-haired person isn’t as old as the hair of someone who has hair down to their waist.• Fine hair that is well styled and coloured can give the illusion of thicker hair. This applies to our “Going Grey Gracefully” ladies as well. Nothing looks more feminine and sexy on mature ladies as a well cut and styled hair cut with cool shiny iridescent reflections.

Going Grey Gracefully
"Going Grey Gracefully"

• You can regularly change up your hair colour, as you are cutting the hair off quicker than a long hairstyle.

blonde hair transitiones through three different haircuts
An example of … Short blonde hair transitioned through three different hair cuts and blond colours.

Short hair styling tips!

• Fully blow dry your hairstyle every day. The only exception is if you’ve been to the hairdresser and had a professional blow wave and sat up all night and not moved your head…like, we all do this! Really? Not!• Get out of bed a little earlier to make time for grooming to look fabulous all day.• Use styling irons to eliminate frizz and fluffy hair, give volume, texture and to contour the hairstyle.• Get the roots bone dry when blow waving. Get in there with your fingers or hairbrush to really lift and dry the root area. Hair that is still damp at the roots will go limp, fluffy and flat.• Invest in good styling brushes that are the right size and manageable for styling your hairstyle.

hair brushes

Our Top hair styling product recommendations for short hair.

hair styling product recommendations for short hair

Foundation styling - after washing your hair gives a good towel dry. The first product you will apply is one that will give body, movement and structure to your desired finished look.

Schwarzkopf Osis session label

Osis Session label Volumizing mousse: Spray mousse for roots, adding volume and texture.

Osis Grip

Osis Grip: Extreme hold mousse with heat and protection and shine.

Osis hairbody
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Osis hairbody: Perfect styling spray for travel and for layering up with other foundation styling products.

Texturizer - After blow drying and using the irons on your hair you will need a good texturiser. Sometimes we recommend you mix styling products together and layering to get the right mix of hold, shine and definition.

Osis Tame wild

Osis Tame wild: Smoothing anti-frizz cream, strong control.

Osis hair body

Osis Wind touch: Volumizing paste, light control.

Osis Session label

Osis Session label: Powder cloud, sprayable powder for texture.

Osis Boho Rebel

Osis Boho Rebel: Pigmented dry shampoo, light control. Perfect for oily hair, texturising and hiding new growth.

Finish the look:

Osis session label

Osis Session Label: Fix hair spray, super dry fixation hairspray and Flex hair spray, with reworkable flexible hold.

Silhoutte styling

Silhoutte Styling: An oldie but a goodie, a wide range of styling haircare products perfect for the well groomed goddess.

Looking Fabulous every day
Master stylist, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee