V for Hair - Going Grey Gracefully TVNZ Breakfast Show

Our very own, Vicki (Master Stylist) is interviewed by Jack Tame on “Going Grey Gracefully”

At V For Hair and Beauty Merivale, we specialise in all aspects of “Going Grey Gracefully”. Vicki is a regular blogger on the topic and our staff are very well known for executing beautiful hair services on ladies locks.

The producer of the Breakfast show had seen and read my blogs and invited me to speak on the TVNZ Breakfast Show this week. I am really passionate about hair beauty fashion and lifestyle blogging so this was a thrill for me to represent our business on TV.

Going Grey Gracefully on tvnz
V for Hair - Going Grey Gracefully

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Silver/Grey Hair
Silver/Grey is the "New Black"

"Going grey gracefully…and letting yourself go…there is an enormous difference!"- Quotes Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

You don’t have to be 65+ to go grey gracefully and join in on the latest “silver trend”!It is very on trend for females of all ages to rock different variations of silver-grey-blonde-ash hair. There is no age barrier for young or old to embrace this trend. Some of the ways you can add this look into your style are using the following hair colour techniques…

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