Well, 2020 has begun, and it may be that you’re looking for a change in hairstyle to start the New Year off with a bang.  

At V for Hair and Beauty Merivale, we have staff members that specialise in Balayage & Ombre techniques, creating gorgeous, fashionable, feminine looks for our clients. After all, Balayage and Ombre seem to be the hottest trends of 2019, and it seems like this will continue to be the case in 2020.

But what’s the difference between balayage and ombre? 

Ombre is the process where we lighten your hair from light to dark or dark to light, blending the colour gradually as you get further down the lengths of hair. Balayage is a freehand painting technique used to give you a natural soft look of lowlights or highlights. Quite often we’ll have ladies come into the salon who get a combination of these services done so that they get a really soft natural-looking colour.

Balayage and Ombre - V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

Both of these clients came into our salon with yellow, brassy coloured hair. The lady on the left underwent a cool silver balayage treatment while the lady on the right tried a beige-blonde ombre treatment. After having their hair done, both by our Stylist Director Kumar, they left very happy with their beautiful new natural-looking locks.

Balayage and Ombre - V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

Both of the above clients came into V for Hair with a set idea in mind. The first wanted a beautiful Balayage matching a magazine she had brought along. The second came with a picture from an Ombre website that she wanted our Executive Stylist Daniel to recreate. Once he had finished working his magic he received amazing feedback, that his result was better than the photo itself.

But what if you’re wanting to keep the colours as natural looking as possible? Or perhaps you may be wanting to use bolder pastel or bright colours? Both of these colour palettes can be used in both the ombre and balayage techniques. These techniques allow your stylist to achieve a more natural and modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues, whether blonde, brunette, redhead or even a bright colour if you prefer. 

When professionally done balayage and ombre hair grows out, there are no lines visible between the roots and the coloured strands of hair. This is because our techniques used means the colour isn’t distributed evenly and has been efficiently blended, which results in no lines in your hair. No regrowth lines means that the maintenance time is really up to you, many of our clients are able to go many months before coming back to redo their treatment. We are able to manipulate the colour hue from a soft, natural wash to bright and bold depending on your personal preference.

Another great plus about Ombre and Balayage hair is that it works on almost every hair length, type and colour. Unless you have very short pixie-cut hair, ombre and balayage are the perfect ways to change your style this summer. Our vast Instagram and Facebook galleries show off our most impressive Ombre and balayage creations as well as our other specialities.

Balayage and Ombre - V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

This Balayage service was a pretty special one for our Stylist Director Kumar. As a business, we are closed on Sundays, however, this client couldn’t make it on any other day. When she gave our salon a ring, Kumar decided to open the salon by himself on Sunday to complete this beautiful balayage. He really goes above and beyond for his clients, in both in his services and by taking time on his day off to come in.

Balayage and Ombre - V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

Our Executive stylist Daniel has found that Ombre works especially well on virgin, uncoloured hair. The two women in the photos above had never had any colour services done before and requested a soft, natural blend of ombre to lighten their hair. The results were amazing, expertly blended and styled.

Balayage and Ombre - V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

In the transformation above, Kumar’s client came with a few grey hairs coming through and didn’t know what to do with her hair. After having a consultation, Kumar suggested a soft balayage look and the client agreed with his vision. She was especially pleased with the end result, what a great birthday present from her daughter!

Balayage and Ombre - V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

This lady had a very dark hair colour all her life and was in the mood for a change. She wanted a lighter, natural ombre and Daniel did just that. After spending her whole life with very dark hair, it was a big step to make this change, but it was definitely worth it, the end result looks amazing.

Have we convinced you to take the jump into Ombre or Balayage?

If you’re unsure, we recommend that you come in store for a complimentary consultation with one of our expert stylists or give us a ring on 03-355-6584 for some advice over the phone. However, we don’t offer concrete quotes over the phone as we are unable to see your hair length, thickness and condition and therefore cannot determine an accurate price for you.

If you are interested in undergoing a balayage or Ombre package, we have special rates available on our website under our ‘promotions’ tab. Our Balayage package, which includes a consultation, balayage lightening, a colour base or tonner, and a blow wave finish is valued at $295. Our Ombre package is valued at $295 as well and includes an Ombre colouring with a base colour or toner and a blow wave and GHD finish of your choice. Throughout these services we use only top-quality salon products from German Hairdressing brand Schwarzkopf, and our stylists are professionally trained with years of experience under their belts.

Balayage-Package - V for Hair & Beauty

Balayage Package

Package includes balayage lightening with base colour or toner, and blow wave finish.


Ombre-Package - V for Hair & Beauty

Ombre Package

Ombre including toner OR top base colour.
Blow wave and GHD finish.