Summer’s on its way and there's a cliché that summer is the best time to go blonde. While you can go lighter at any point throughout the year, there's something about the warmer months that inspires women to make a change….and Blondes have more fun! Right?

Come November and December, we're sure to see a few more blondes about town, especially as the social racing and silly season ramps up in Canterbury. However, there are plenty of other hair trends on the rise, too. Here, are the trending styles and hair colours of Spring/Summer 2019 from Vicki Ogden-O’Fee, Master Stylist at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale.

Soft Balayage blonde, beautiful and natural.
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Soft Balayage blonde, beautiful and natural.

Bangs and fabulous fringes are a game changer and it shows that you can still have a longer hair shape, but still have some shorter lengths framing your face, this is the perfect way to accentuate your bet features, whether eyes, check bones or your smile. We find that most of our clients love longer bangs/fringes because there cool and easy to style which is so important. Push them back, sweep them forward, you decide." This can really change your style and give varied looks.

Kate Hudson with her sexy blonde bang’s hair style
Kate Hudson with her sexy blonde bang’s hair style

I think Kate Hudson's choppy textured haircut is every woman's hair crush —I see this in my salon, and rightly so. Its short and still oozes sex appeal! The beauty about Kate's haircut is that you have the choice if you want to wear it slick one day or textured and cute the next. It's like asking your hairstylist for a two in one style." Of course, as we always say good grooming takes effort and a great haircut looks sensational when teamed with the most beautiful hair colour.

Beautiful on trend high fashion Ombre...

Beautiful on trend high fashion Ombre
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A must for summer to change long hair looks up is the long textured '60s inspired fringe.

Brigitte Bardot's bangs make a comeback repeatedly nearly every year as it is a flattering look and can also be swiped to the side quickly again."

Handy tips for bangs/fringes
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  • To keep bangs/fringe at the right length, you'll need a trim every two or three weeks.
  • Never cut your own bangs/fringe, leave it to the professionals, if you are going to have bangs/fringe it needs to be cut with perfection.
  • Don't listen to people who say you can't have bangs/fringe if you have curly hair.
  • There's a lot of trial and error with styling when you first get bangs/fringe. Prepare yourself for not getting it right the first time. You'll get there!
  • Bangs sit on one of the oiliest parts of your face, so you'll likely need to wash them more often than you wash the rest of your hair
  • For best results, bangs should ideally be blown dry immediately after they're washed.
  • Bangs tend to need attention throughout the day. Luckily, there's a secret weapon for that… its called hair spray and Ghds!
At V For hair and Beauty Merivale our team of highly experienced stylists are constantly being up skilled in the latest colour, cut and style trends to bring you our customers the most beautiful looks. Whether it’s the latest trend or your favourite well carried off style you have had for years, that is tweaked with colour and changing it up with different fringe styles.
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