Forward-thinking Christchurch Hair Salon, introduces latest hair colour technology…hair colours in just 10 minutes!!!

At V For Hair and Beauty Merivale, we have introduced Schwarzkopf Professionals latest technology breakthrough hair colour, Igora Colour 10. So now its full speed ahead to fabulous hair colours! IGORA COLOR10 is ideal for re-growth and touch-up services, as well as global applications on short to medium length hair, achieving the same result as a standard permanent colouration – all with just a 10 minute development time. Using the innovative Amino Acid Carrier Technology...This fabulous colour service delivers beautiful colour results, perfect white coverage and outstanding care in just 10 minutes. With the added benefits of amino acids Arginin and Glycin which are well known for their re-building effect on the keratin fibre of the hair. The nurturing benefits of these amino acids stabilize the protein structure and improve the hair condition. Within the formula of Igora Colour 10, the two amino acids work together as a carrier of colour pigments allowing them to penetrate faster and deeper into the hair. The result: A shorter, gentler colouring process.

Igora Color10 - Now at V for Hair and Beauty - MerivaleFeatures and benefits…• Processing time complete in only 10 minutes• Perfect white hair coverage.• Long-lasting colour retention & vibrancy, with fabulous fashion shades for global coverage or quick partial fashion colour techniques.• Perfect and even colour results.• Stunning & long-lasting shine.Igora Colour10 Hair colour service is perfect for clients who want…• Spirit of the moment colours,or as an add-on to your cut and style.• Re-touch colour clients for colour maintenance.• Last minute colour deciders.• A quick “T” zone touch up.• Time restricted clients who appreciate fast colour services.• Young clients.• Male clients.

Home maintenancefor your Colour10hair colour

Color10 at V for Hair

Color10 at VJ Barbers

We recommend that to keep your colour looking good between salon visits to use the BC Colour Freeze range, which includes Shampoo, conditioner, spray conditioner and treatment.With New pH 4.5 Balancer Technology the BC Colour freeze range, working with Lactic Acid & Calcium Hydroxide, tightens and stabilizes the matrix at its optimal pH of 4.5 to deeply freeze colour pigments inside the hair matrix for ultimate colour perfection and anti-fade effect. Now, who wouldn’t want that!

Features and Benefits of BC Colour Freeze hair care range

BC Colour Freeze Shampoo gently yet effectively cleanses coloured hair.

  • Tightens and stabilizes the matrix thus keeping the colour pigments frozen deep inside the hair.
  • Works to neutralize chemical residues while adjusting hair structure.
  • Suitable for daily use.

BC Colour Freeze Silver Shampoo preserves and revives cool tonesneutralizes unwanted warm undertones.adds a cendré shimmer to white or highlighted hair and very light base.BC Colour Freeze Conditioner helps to strengthen the hair structure to optimal pH 4.5 bringing coloured hair closer than ever to zero colour fade.

  • Instantly detangles and improves comb ability.
  • Provides instant care and shine.
  • Helps to strengthen the hair structure to optimal pH 4.5 bringing coloured hair closer than ever to 0 colour fade.

BC Colour Freeze Spray on Conditioner Detangles and improves comb abilityAdd’s shine to colour treated hairReduces frizz and smooths the surface of the hairHelps to strengthen the hair structure to optimal pH 4.5 bringing coloured hair closer than ever to zero colour fadeBC Colour Freeze Treatment Protects against colour fade

  • Provides in-depth care
  • Strengthens colour treated hair
  • Reduces frizz and smooths the hair surface
  • Add’1s brilliant shine
BC Colour Freeze Product

Colour 10 is quick to apply, fast processing time and fabulous results. Come see us in salon at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale for your next colour you won’t be disappointed. Remember too that we are here for consultations with our team of professionals stylists on latest technology, techniques and products for you.. Our clients.

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