Sometimes skincare regimes can be confusing, so this week our blog is every step you will ever need for hydrated skin. I have been using the Mukti skin care for a while now and loving the results. While Mukti have several skin care ranges this week we are showing the Hydration facial care.

Introducing Mukti V for hair and beauty

So many people suffer from dry & dehydrated skin and feel lost for solutions, so Mukti have put together all the skincare weapons Mukti has formulated to beat tight, dry, sometimes flaky skin into ONE collection called The Ultimate Hydrating Essentials Collection.

Muktu hydrated skin

Each of these 6 products contains a hydrating blend of native Australian extracts designed to transform your complexion and protect against environmental elements, soothing dryness, dullness and encouraging visibly hydrated skin.

Mukti products collection

The Ultimate Hydrating Essential Collection includes every step you need to achieve glowing skin in just 4-6 weeks. 

If you want a complete skincare ritual to boost hydration and are not sure where to start these 6 products (everything you need for morning and evening!) will transform your skin.

Each step plays a critical role in rescuing, repairing, and nourishing your skin to give unparalleled results.

Ultimate Hydrating Essentials 

1. Hydrating Cleansing Lotion

Conditions your skin to feel supple, purified, and hydrated. Use morning and evening.

Mukti Hydrating Cleansing Lotion 200ml

2. Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist

Hydrates the skin, imparts calmness and a dewy complexion. Assists with product penetration. Use morning and evening.

Mukti Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist 100ml

3. Rosehip Eye Gel

This liquid silk formula soothes and calms puffy, tired eyes whilst rejuvenating the delicate eye area. Use morning and evening.


4. Antioxidant Facial Serum

This super serum readily absorbs leaving no oily sheen, imparts a dewy glow and leaves your skin velvety, soft, and smooth. Use morning and evening.


5. Antioxidant Facial Oil

Potent superfood oils sink in deeply, regenerating cellular renewal and calming stressed-out skin. Reinforces the skin's natural lipid barrier, brightens dull complexions, and imparts a radiant glow. Use morning and evening. 


6. Hydrating Moisturiser

Our best-selling, velvety, smooth moisturiser that plumps and hydrates the skin and leaves a glowing, dewy finish. Use morning and evening.


We guarantee you will see and feel results within a few short weeks of using these products as a collection. 

If you are interested in trying this Mukti hydrating range we are offering a mini facial and skin care consultation (30 minutes) for $30 which is redeemable off the Ultimate Hydrating Essentials Collection.

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Worth $434.94 these award-winning products are available as a collection for only $359.95

The Rosehip Eye Gel is FREE 

Discover Our Ultimate Hydrating Essentials Collection


After all We don’t just do hair…”We make YOU Beautiful”.