This year is all about authenticity, using exciting curling, color, and cuts to produce absolute control and facial framing. There's never been a better time for feminine self-expression, individuality, and upping your game.
Change it up by trusting your stylist to give you the results that suit your facial features, giving you more freedom than ever before to look great. The time has come for a fresh new look, and diversity is what it's all about.
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1. The Soft Bob 🌺

Shutterstock | The Soft Bob Cut

Refresh your hairstyle with a short bob haircut that allows for any styling you want. With options like adding a fringe, layering for texture, or a sleek finish with blunt end, this is a classic look that can be personalized however you want! 

This is an easy-to-maintain layered look that is taking over on Instagram! It's a wavy, relaxed-looking bob that's easy to take care of. If you ever thought of the Bob-cut as boring, there's no better time to try it out for versatility and style.

2. Butterfly Cut ✨

Shutterstock | Jennifer Lopez's Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut, on the other hand, is a simply achieved cut for long hair, layering in soft layers framing the face with perfection.  This cut is ideal for long hair that is looking for a change but does not want to cut the length their hair too much. 

We're taking Jennifer Lopez's iconic butterfly cut with thick, weighty hair that layers created are subtle though strong enough to help you to keep the style neat for a longer time. Brushed under or curled with larger curls, the style gives the hair vitality and bounce.

3. Chanel Cut✨

Shutterstock | The iconic Chanel Cut

The Chanel cut is a trendy and classy hairstyle for 2023. It's a controlled undercut for longer hair that follows the neckline of a low-cut "v" shape. You can wear it with wispy bangs for a feminine look, and it's great for both daytime and evening events. The under layering gives your hair shape and style, and it's easy to maintain.

The style is smooth and shiny, and you can run your fingers through it to give it more volume. This cut is perfect for straight hair and doesn't expose your neck. It's a classic and stylish look that's trimmed to perfection.

4. Octopus Style ✨

Instagram | Nina Park's for Hoyeon

Instagram is all for the Octopus style this year. It's a style for longer hair that has long layers on top and longer pieces that reach the shoulders. It's great for wavy or straight hair and is versatile for different styles. You can add colored highlights to make it stand out or blend in with your natural hair color for a subtle look.

The styles for 2023 are all about liberation and choice. It's not a case of "anything goes" but more a statement of "I am a woman!" leaving no question about who is in control of that look. Cheeky and classy go hand in hand to encourage individuality and less of the carbon copy styles of the past.

5. Wispy Bangs ✨

Instagram | Lily Collin's Women Empowerment Interview

Wispy bangs are another popular style this year! They're less formal than straight-cut bangs and give you more freedom to express yourself. Called "evasé" in French, wispy bangs avoid the straight look by letting small wisps of hair frame your forehead and the sides of your face. They work for any hair length and soften your facial features, drawing attention to your eyes. Wispy bangs gives you such a flattering look, and they can transform the appearance of long straight hair or soften the look of shorter styles.

Xavier Velasquez, a top stylist from New York, says that this year, the trend is "more is more." That means longer hair, big curls, and lots of different styles and colors. Women with hard-to-control hair can rejoice because big hair is in style.

6. Curly Shag Cuts ✨

Shutterstock | Curly Shag Cuts

Curly shag cuts are one of the most iconic hair trends, for any length of hair that's full of volume and movement, especially easy-to-maintain. This style is perfect for any occasion and looks great with highlights and lowlights. It works well on both naturally curly hair and straight hair, with subtle curling and flattering colouring. The curly shag cut is inspired by gypsy styling and is becoming the most popular cut of 2023.

It’s all about styles that suit your lifestyle instead of being controlled by a more conventional approach.

So, what's in for Men's Hair Trends this year? 🕶

Shutterstock | Men's Clean Hair Cuts

Men's hairstyles are getting shorter and more defined, with less facial hair and shaved sides. Uppercut Deluxe has ideas for men's hair with control, color, and clean faces. Women have exciting opportunities to experiment with styles, color, and texture, while men's styles are more controlled.

No matter the length of hair, there's a new style waiting to add a new dynamic to your look. The hot styles for 2023 are amazing, with layers, curls, and natural volume and shape. 2023 is a game-changer!

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