How to Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

by Vicki Ogden-O’Fee, Master Stylist/Personal Colour Analyst & Image Consultant

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2021's biggest beauty trend is all about "skinimalism". It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look. Skinimalism is all about, well, minimalism in your makeup routines to "let your natural skin texture shine through," according to Pinterest. Are you wondering how to get the natural makeup look? With Spring around the corner, the trend will only increase. How do we that? Well, it starts with great looking skin. Here are 10 tips for wearing minimal makeup or no makeup at all to get that natural glow you’re after.

Prep your skin

Pure Fiji - Cleansing Balm Concentrate - 100ml

Always wash your face with a natural cleanser like Pure Fiji’s Coconut Cleansing Balm. That’s because a cleansed face is like a great canvas. This unique cleansing balm-to-milk melts away all traces of face and eye makeup and impurities without drying your skin! A waterless natural gel concentrate, with the cleansing of power Quillaja Saponaria a natural soap extract combined with the vitamin-rich purifying powers of Coconut, Dilo, and Moringa oils to leave skin feeling soft, fresh, and nourished.

How to Use: Warm a small amount of balm between palms and massage into dry skin using circular motions, add water and the balm turns to milk. Gently remove with a warm, damp cleansing cloth. Can be followed with eye cream and serum.

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Pure Fiji - Vitamin C Creme with Hyaluronic & Lime Caviar - 50ml

Even if you’re applying the tiniest amount of concealer or foundation it’s important that you apply a hydrating moisturiser like Pure Fiji’s Vitamin C Brightening Creme with Hyaluronic and Lime Caviar. Sounds incredibly luxurious, doesn’t it? Wait ‘til you try it!

This powerful blend of pure Vitamin C and lime caviar combined with skin-smoothing peptides will brighten any, dry, dull skin. Extracts of fresh garden sprouts diminish age spots and pigmentation. Kakadu plum and pure Vitamin C visibly brightens skin and reduces the signs of ageing while moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid along with our cold-pressed oil blend gives intense hydration and skin barrier protection for glowing skin.

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Clean up your brows

A brow that is cleaned up and shaped perfectly can help frame your face. If your brows need a little filling use gentle strokes using a pencil, powder, or cream to help define your brows. Less is more these days, and simple, but defined brows are a must in minimal makeup looks.

Dab a little concealer or foundation

Most of the time we really don’t need to cover our entire face with foundation. Instead use a concealer or foundation to dab on the blemished spots. Simply pat with your finger to blend.

Did you know that Pure Fiji’s Dilo Oil is great for repairing and minimising acne scars? Just add a couple of drops to your face after cleansing and apply day crème, serum, or night crème on top. Or add a couple of drops into the crème and apply to your face.

Pure Fiji - Dilo Oil Anti-Aging Booster - 15ml

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Pure Fiji - Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque - 50ml

The no-makeup look starts with clean, polished skin. If you have a busy schedule look for multi-tasking products like Pure Fiji’s Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque. This masque gently exfoliates dry skin cells to reveal fresher, more youthful looking skin.

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Use the power of five oils

Pure Fiji - Hydrate and Nourish Luxury Face Oil - 30ml

For a natural glow, use Pure Fiji’s Hydrate and Nourish Luxury Face Oil as a cheekbone highlighter. Pure Fiji brings you the Power of 5 with our unique botanical blend of organic cold-pressed oils, Coconut, Macadamia, Sikeci, Dilo and Moringa oil. This supercharged anti-aging blend of oils is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins to hydrate, nourish and smooth skin while restoring radiance leaving skin with a youthful glow.

Simply sweep a small amount of oil on your cheekbones, brow bone, down the bridge of your nose and on top of your cupid’s bow. You’ll see an instant glow!

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Eat carrots for a natural tan

Carrots have always been known for changing skin colour and the good news is it you won't turn orange! High levels of carotenoids will give you that perfect, sun-kissed glow that everyone is after. In addition, they are loaded with vitamin A which helps improve your eyesight and protect your skin from sun damage.

Seal with a mist

Pure Fiji - Coconut Water Hydrating Toning Mist - 130ml

Before you head out the door, seal it all in with a glow-boosting finishing spray like Coconut Water Hydrating Toning Mist. This instantly hydrates and refreshes skin with a blend of fresh coconut water, hyaluronic acid and ngi grass for 24-hour hydration. Infused with soothing cucumber hydrosol, passionflower extract and skin-clarifying witch hazel for the ultimate in skin hydration and comfort.

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Get your beauty sleep

Pure Fiji - Coconut Lip Sleeping Masque - 15g

Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not there is no substitution for a good night’s sleep. Because your body repairs at night it’s vital that you get at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep. You recharge your phone right? Well, it’s the same for your body.

If self-care has been challenging these days make sure you treat your lips with Pure Fiji’s Coconut Lip Sleeping Masque. Here’s why it works:

  • Plumps lips providing natural looking volume
  • Stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Defines lips
  • Smooths and firm lips
  • Hydrates and nourishes
  • Eliminate dry skin and chapping
  • High in vitamins A, B, C & E
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-bacterial

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The biggest beauty trend of the decade involves very little (if any) makeup. A natural look not only allows your authentic self to shine through but you’re also letting your skin breathe...and that’s always a good thing. Let’s be real ladies, we’ve never seen women more beautiful than with bare skin and big smiles—talk about a natural, healthy glow. Bottom line; by incorporating Pure Fiji’s natural skin care products into your daily skin care routine, you will be on your way to looking naturally beautiful without makeup. Hello to radiant Spring skin! This week’s blog contribution is courtesy of the team at Pure Fiji.