V For Hair and Beauty Merivale have been doing this amazing service for some time now. For some clients, it is life changing.

The Keratin Smoothing treatment is not a chemical straightening process.It is a smoothing service that will relax, curl, and repair damaged hair plus add incredible shine to dull and dry hair. The blow wave will also take the frizz out of curly and wavy hair and take bulk out of unmanageable and rebellious hair.

The ultimate treatment for salon perfect hair every day.

  • Suitable for all hair types (even chemically processed)
  • Eliminates frizz and tames rebellious hair.
  • Gentle formula(s) does not cause damage.
  • Effects last up to four months.
  • Can be performed the same day as your colour service.
  • Protects against adverse environmental effects.
  • We have many formulas for different hair types.
  • No more waiting 3 days to shampoo the hair.
  • Leave the salon looking like a Goddess.

The Experience

When you arrive at the salon you will be taken into the hair station, offered refreshments from our menu and luxurious warm towels and hand lotion.

V for Hair - Keratin Smoothing - The Experience

Our extensively trained Stylist will diagnose your hair and scalp to make sure the service is what is required. You will then be taken to the fully reclining backwash chairs and your hair will be bathed in a special preparation shampoo for ten minutes.

Keratin Smoothing - washing hair

Once that is rinsed off you will be guided back to the hair station area where your hair will be 50% to 60% dried. The prescribed “Keratin Smoothing Lotion” is then applied and dried into the hair, which is then ironed, tiny section by tiny section with special irons. Depending on your hairs needs the “Keratin smoothing Lotion” is either blown dry into that final Goddess look or we may need an extra step of the finishing masque prior to the beautiful Blow wave.

Keratin Smoothing - V for Hair blog

How does it work

Keratin, which is the protein that gives hair its strength, is repeatedly ironed onto the hair shaft. The process takes about three hours and the smooth result lasts up to four months!

The Keratin slowly fades out of the hair over the four months so there is no regrowth, with the hair reverting to its original state without the usual problem of straight ends and a band of curls at the roots.

To make the most of your hair treatment you need to follow the aftercare prescribed by your stylist. We recommend Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo Keratin Smooth Perfect Conditioner, with a weekly Masque Treatment at home, Keratin Smooth Perfect Masque.

Each time the service is done the hair condition improves both in strength and shine. The longevity of the “Keratin Smoothing Treatment” depends on how you look after and maintain your hair.

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