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A new year calls for new fashion trends, including those of new hairstyle trends. Nowadays, we have so many styles to choose from, from longer hair, medium length hairstyles to classic short hairstyles, there is always something that’s going to work for you.

Men’s Hair Styles, Top Styles for 2020

However, a lot of people end up with average hairstyles that make no impression and are forgettable in the eye of a passer-by. We’re here to help you follow the latest fashion trends and help you narrow down the top men's styles for 2020 with our expert barbers Gokul and Fiko.

Modern Mohawk/Mullet by our Vj Barbers, Expert Barber Fiko.

Textured Mohawk by Gokul - Vj Barbers, Merivale
Textured Mohawk by Gokul.

Our barber Fiko has recognised that the number one trend coming back from the past is most definitely the mullet.

He believes in 2020 the mullet is going to come back stronger than ever as a great fashion statement. However this mullet style is different to the old days, with a zero fade up to a one with a longer back, however not nearly as long as in the 80s. The look has very sharp lines, but is disjointed, with no blending between the side and back, more commonly with a razor line. Mullets are especially becoming popular with teenagers; we are seeing an influx in the barbers requesting them.

Stylish Fades - Vj Barbers, Merivale
Stylish fades by Gokul, our most popular style in salon.

Our other barber Gokul is especially passionate about the fade style. This hairstyle is perfect for people who want to look sharp and ready for any occasion. Many celebrities are seen rocking fade styles, specifically because they are so versatile and suited to any event. By keeping the side fade gradual, it creates a more natural blend that produces a very nice result. Using our clippers, both barbers often use lengths in distributions of 0.5mm, to make the blending look effortless.

Scissor cut and razor texture by Gokul.

Scissor Cut - VJ Barbers, Christchurch

Two other styles that seem to be lingering around are the classic scissor cut and razor texture. The scissor cut is a style created using only scissors, no clippers at all. The scissor cut style is perfect for people who want low maintenance hair that looks effortlessly stylish and classy. It is a timeless trend that never seems to lose its popularity, probably because of the ease of having it. Razor texture is a technique used on top of hair to create a nice texture as opposed to the scissor cut, it creates a casual everyday look as compared to a formal ‘business man’ almost impression. Razor texture is very trendy and makes it easy to style with your product of choice.

On the other end of the spectrum, head shaves are also becoming increasingly popular in the barbers. Gokul is our expert when it comes to all things shaving, including head shaves. In order to get great results in the barbers shop, we don’t just do a once over with shaving cream and a razor. The head shave service includes a moisturising treatment, multiple shaving cream applications and razor blade cuts, and a hot towel exfoliation. The hot towel exfoliation ensures that the cut is as smooth and easy as possible. We also go over the area multiple times to make sure we achieve the most perfect cut possible.

Facial Hair Styles - VJ Barbers

As hairstyles come in and out of trend, so does facial hair styles. Fiko is on the side of ‘messy’ facial hair over clean cut. He thinks that a more natural look will come back into trend without the omnipresent sharp lines and fades we see in today's styles. He thinks a messy but well-kept moustache is the way to go, and looks especially manly. “Messy facial hair will have its comeback in 2020” says Fiko. In comparison to Fiko’s beliefs, Gokul believes the sharp beard lines are in to stay. He enjoys creating looks for his clients that often involve sharp lines and blended and faded beards. He says that “sharp lines are very in trend, both for hair and beards.” Whether the older messy style facial hair will replace the sharp, structured looks we’re seeing today, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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