Have you ever found yourself scrolling aimlessly through the web trying to find New Years Resolutions that you’ll eventually end up quitting within a few weeks? At V for Hair and Beauty/Vj Barbers, Merivale Mall we have devised a list of our most recommend resolutions for the New Year, that are both achievable and will create results to be proud of. Most resolutions tend to be career and fitness based, but we wanted to be able to create our Top Ten New Years resolutions in the sense of improving one’s overall well-being. So, after much deliberation and consideration, here are our Top Ten New Years Resolutions for 2019.


 Exercising more is one of the most common New Years Resolutions globally but is not the most perfectly executed one by many. A way to increase what you’re taking away from exercise is to buddy up. Going on a run with a friend or trainer tends to be a lot more motivating compared to running by yourself. It makes you more likely to resist temptations halfway through, such as stopping and quitting. Another key thing to remember is to not focus on the number on your scale. Have you been working out for weeks but still weigh the same as you did before? Scales can be deceiving. You are most likely gaining muscle mass at the same rate you are losing fat. Ways to accurately measure change are through BMI measuring or just using a plain tape measure around your waist, leg etc. High-intensity workouts for shorter amounts of times are also more beneficial than low intensity for longer periods of time. Always opt for Sprint intervals over a treadmill jog.

Positive Mindset

 Having a positive outlook on things can be more beneficial than you think- it helps with stress management and can positively affect your mental health. Every time over the New Year that you have negative thoughts about something, stop, reflect on what you are pessimistic about and morph it into a positive frame of reference. If you have had the worst day at work, think of it as one more day to the weekend, or that tomorrow will not be as bad as today. Always be optimistic and smile! It spreads the positivity around the room like wildfire and creates a sense of happiness. Positivity can bounce from person to person, boosting everyone’s enjoyment and overall sense of happiness for the day. Even better, people are more likely to spread positivity further during the day if they encountered it themselves.

Change something bold

 Change is a trend in New Year's resolutions, so why not go all out and make a bold change in your hair? Studies have shown that physically changing something major in your lives influences more change in daily habits and tasks, i.e. Helping you achieve your harder resolutions. Whether you’re looking for sweet candy colours such as baby blue, pink or lilac, or if the buttery-blonde Kim Kardashian trend is intriguing you, the first step is to contact an expert stylist. By talking to a professional, you can discover the perfect statement you will make for 2019 that suits both your skin tone and hair type. At V for Hair and Beauty, we have promotions with Ombre, Balayage, Highlights and Hair Colour packages currently available, ready for you to take the bold jump into 2019.

Learn a new skill

 Learning a new skill can be a very valuable New Years Resolution. It is very effective if you use your spare time in a constructive way to pick up new skills and tricks while having fun. By just spending a couple of hours a week on a new skill, you will be able to see yourself developing and transforming your skills into something better. No matter if you’re interested in sports, crafts or even communication skills by learning languages, there is always something new to learn or skill to develop. By taking part in a new skill it can both physically and/or mentally challenge you for the better.

Spend time with family

 Our lives can be busy and balancing work, hobbies, sleep, exercise, family and friends can be difficult, but spending time with those you love is very important. Some key tips for making more time are to schedule it into your diary, don’t just say ‘sometime next week’, be organised i.e. 3.00pm Saturday Family afternoon out at the movies. By organising your time with people this way, it reduces the risk of you having overbooked yourself, and not being able to do anything with them. Another helpful tip is to make the most of your family time by leaving devices out of the room. By putting phones, laptops etc. in another room or leaving them at home when you go out there are fewer distractions, and more family and friends bonding time.

Don't forget about you time

 As well as making time for other people in your life, make sure you are making time for yourself in the new year. You-Time is important. Book time for yourself as you would a meeting or appointment, to make sure you do leave out some special relaxing time for yourself. Leaving time to be pampered, for example, is a prime way to reduce the stress and emotional load of everyday life. At V for Hair and Beauty, we have plenty of pamper packages available for all price ranges which include facials, massages, pedicures and much more. One of these beauty packages would be the perfect experience you need in the new year to relax and let go of the stress in your life every once in a while.

Go on holiday

 Whether you’re travelling off the beaten path to try something adventurous like camping, or prefer to live in luxury when you’re away, everyone needs a holiday occasionally. If you’re struggling to find the time to go away, think about how you can incorporate what you’re already doing with your travel. For example, if you’re already going to stay with extended family for the weekend, why not travel and explore a new place with them instead? When saving up for a holiday there are a few hacks you can use to ensure you are saving money at a faster rate. Try going out for dinner less, or when you do think about what you’re spending your money on – especially when it comes to desserts and drinks. Restrain yourself for going out more than you should or grabbing that extra drink at the end of the night. Save on Nights out, spend on meaningful trips. We also have handy Pure Fiji travel packs instore that are ideal to take away when travelling! They have all the essentials you’ll need for your special holiday.

Smarter food choices

 One of the most cliché New Years resolutions is to go on a diet, but diets almost never end up working as people don’t enjoy what they are putting their bodies through. Making smart food choices is different. You’ll still be eating like as you were before but swapping to a version that is better for you. White bread to wholemeal bread, Coke to Coke Zero or a Long Black over a Latte are all prime examples to get more nutritional benefits out of your regular eating. Cheat meals are also okay. The key word, however, is meal. Getting takeout pizza occasionally is okay, but if you continue to eat innutritious foods for the rest of the day it turns into a downward spiral that ruins your progress. You don’t have to ‘ditch’ your favourite foods completely, just eat them in moderation, only when you are really craving them. Control your emotional eating as well. This is when most of us tend to splurge, especially when bored watching TV. Only eat food if you are hungry.

Get better quality sleep

 A good night’s sleep is about an important as a nutritious lifestyle and exercise, if not more. Poor sleep has immediate negative effects on brain function, exercise capability and your hormones. Easy things to do to help have a better-quality sleep are to make sure you enable night mode on your devices, cut out caffeine consumption after around 3pm, take a shower just before you go to bed and keep your bedtimes regular. As always make sure you’re aiming for a minimum of 7-8 hours’ sleep to avoid increased risk of heart disease and diabetes and to make sure you feel awake and refreshed the following day.

Stop Procrastinating

 Procrastinating is a trap that most of us fall into at some point in our lives. Whether it's cleaning the basement or finishing the paperwork, we seem to find a way to drag it out for weeks, months, sometimes even years. The biggest way to minimise your chances of procrastinating is by taking away all the distractions. Turn off the TV, radio, even your phone- if you find any excuse to avoid the work you’re supposed to be doing, this is a necessity. Another way to stop procrastinating is to attempt to rephrase your internal dialogue. Instead of saying things like “I have to do this” or “I need to get this done”, try saying “I choose to finish this.” By thinking with this kind of mindset it makes you feel more in control and in charge of your workload. By cutting procrastination out of tasks, you tend to finish faster and can spend more time on whatever you want!

We hope some of our top 10 New Years resolutions make it onto your list and inspire you to help improve your well-being heading into 2019. We believe that all 10 on this are achievable and maintainable over the course of next year. So, what are you waiting for, try something new and create productive habits for 2019!