Permanent Hair Straightening

What you need to know

Many people tame their hair into submission with hair straighteners, but if you need professional help or your hair is too badly behaved, permanent straightening/relaxing your hair could be the answer.

Permanent straightening your hair will rid it of kinks, curls and waves, leaving it poker straight, super shiny and much more manageable. If you’re thinking of getting your hair permanently straightened, read this first!

While it may ‘relax’ your hair, it can stress it out too. Our team have ongoing upskilling with technician hairdressers and expert trichologist’s to give you the best results achievable with permanent straightening hair. The first time you have this service done your hair may still be left a very small number of waves; it all depends on how curly and frizzy plus the condition of your hair before the straightening service is performed. The best way to achieve great results with this service is to have an expert regular hairstylist and get a plan of hair service treatment visits to get your hair to exactly how you desire it to be, and this may take time and numerous salon visits.

Permanent hair straightening

There are many different treatments and processes to permanently straighten your hair and some are harsher than others. Usually, a mix of chemicals is used to break down the bonds that hold the shape of your curls and heat is passed through the hair to help oxidise the chemicals and keep hair poker straight. But the treatment isn’t suitable for all types of hair. “Extensively damaged hair should not be treated.” A consultation with your expert hairdresser should be able to determine whether your hair is suitable or not for permanent straightening. If your hair can withstand it, then results can be blissfully long-lasting and life-changing. The treated hair is permanently smoother and straighter as the hair grows the new hair will need to be treated – usually every three to six months.

Permanent Hair straightening before
Before Permanent Hair Straightening
Permanent Hair straightening after - V for Hair
After Permanent Hair Straightening

This client was very unhappy with her dry, frizzy, curly hair. She had to spend over an hour just to straighten her hair with a flat iron every day. She came to V For Hair and Beauty looking for a solution and Stylist Director Kumar has done a brilliant job at providing her with one. Here is what she had to say - “Kumar did the most amazing straight therapy on my hair! Absolutely shocked - love it! Thank you so much.”

Over the past few years, we have seen the growth of many hair straightening and smoothing services. The spike of popularity with Brazilian blowouts, chemical straightening and keratin smoothing is now making way for the new trend- permanent straightening. As we get into the full swing of summer, that means one thing for a lot of us with curls- frizzy hair. Luckily for you, with the increasing popularity of permanent straightening and the harsh weather conditions, we have a permanent straightening package available in store.

Permanent hair straightening in salon is not just the temporary flat iron, but rather a process with multiple steps. In order to get that perfect dead-straight hair after beginning with frizzy and knotty curls, it often takes multiple keratin applications, followed by a flat iron after each straightening to seal the product in, and includes up to three shampoos and treatments. With all this work, it often takes 3-4 hours for the whole straightening service. Of course, the time, cost, and service always depend on your personal hair needs.

Permanent straightening V for hair and beauty before and after

This next lady came specially from Dunedin to get her hair permanently straightened. She saw our Facebook videos and booked an appointment with our stylist Director Kumar at the opposite end of the country. She underwent the straight therapy treatment and couldn’t that it was her real hair without having to maintain with straighteners. 

Our Stylist Director Kumar is our magic man when it comes to permanent straightening. He is a master of permanent straightening and has many clients who come in regularly to get their permanent straightening done. Kumar offers complimentary consultations on all services to ensure the best results for you. Throughout the permanent straightening service, he will use the Schwarzkopf ‘Strait Therapy' range as we have found this gives the best results to our clients. This range includes a Protection Balancer, Straightening Cream, Neutralizing Milk and a Post- Treatment. As stated on the Schwarzkopf website: “The success of Strait Styling Strait Therapy lies in the process and the harmonisation of active substances, which complement each other during the therapy treatment.” The ingredients and application process are specifically designed to show amazing results at the end of the service and in the months following.

Our Permanent straightening services achieve an easily manageable, pin-straight hairstyle that requires minimal effort to style. Of course, we always recommend taking home the right at-home hair care products that your hairstylist recommends. Without using the correct at-home haircare we cannot confirm how long your hair will maintain the straightness. When using the correct hair care after your service you can expect it to last anywhere between 3-5 months.

V for Hair Permanent Straightening before
Permanent Hair Straightening Before
V for Hair Permanent Straightening after
Permanent Hair Straightening After

Our next customer wanted a solution to get her hair looking smoother and straighter than ever. She wanted a natural, minimal-effort hairstyle and once again, Kumar did just that. The result was an almost mirror-like shine, very glossy and glistening. She also left us a review on her experience- “Amazing experience at V for Hair and Beauty. Mr Kumar is the best hair therapist that I have ever seen. Affordable prices and friendly staff and best recommendations on products for your hair maintenance. I highly recommend straightening therapy at V for Hair and Beauty. Permanent solution for your hair, no more day to day worry for it.”

Our Permanent straightening package currently available on our website is valued at $565 and includes the full permanent straightening service, including a haircut and blow wave finish. You also receive a complimentary blow wave service within a week of your service. Long and extra thick hair will incur an extra charge and will be discussed at consultation.

Remember, it is very important to use the correct prescribed home aftercare with this service.

Because life is for living, we recommend this life-changing hair service…your hair will thank you!

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