Colored Pixie Haircut for Ladies Short Hair

Short hair the super popular hair trend for 2021. This trend is so popular and seeing ladies globally cutting off their locks for sophisticated, sexy, and confident hairstyles.  

For those of us wishing to embrace this hot hairstyle trend, here are some key points when thinking of having a change -

  • Book a Cut and restyle appointment do not just book for your normal appointment than turn up desiring a total makeover. Book in advance and ask for a restyle appointment, this will give your stylist more time to spend with you and really get the look you will be happy with. The initial restyle appointment may cost you a little more than a maintenance hair cut but the results will be worth it.
  • Find a stylist who understands short hair, face shapes, and is not scared to give you advice on what will suit you.
  • Make regular advance hair appointments so your style stays in shape and always looks amazing on you.
  • Colour will totally enhance any short hairstyle. Short hairstyles suit block colour such as rich bright auburn/plum/chocolate tones, platinum blondes right through to silver hues.
Ladies Trendy and Hot Hair Style
Color Haircut and Trendy Short Hair Style

How to accentuate your short haircut to make the most of your look -

  • Wear stylish statement earrings to enhance your look.
  • If you wear glasses have more than one pair to change things up and give you different looks.
  • Lipstick in the tone that suits you, rock it, wear it, and refresh it during the day.
  • High collars and neck scarves suit a lot of ladies with short hairstyles.
  • Bright headscarves make a statement on short hair.
  • Accentuate your eyes with great lashes and brows.

Looking after your short hairstyle -

  • Use good hair products that really work for your hair.
  • Look after your colour with good professional colour care shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a treatment masque at least once a week, yes you need to with short hair as well as long hair.
  • Heat protection products are a must when blow waving and flat ironing.
Trendy Short Haircut and Hair Style, Wearing Fashion Glasses
Hot Trendy Coloured Short Haircut and Hair Style

Dare to be different -

  • Try new things, for thick unmanageable hair try undercut hairstyles.
  • Double crown? Either keep some length on the crown to give the area hold or go super short and use the double crown to your advantage giving extra texture and movement to your style.
  • Try an asymmetrical look.
  • Go blunt and beautiful, this look takes a bit of extra effort and suits those who are polished in their presentation from head to toe.
  • Have the feature point of your short haircut accentuating your best facial feature jawline, cheek bones, eyes, lips/smile, this will draw attention away from areas that you do not like so much on yourself.

Short hair maintenance -

  • Get regular neck trims or waxing/threading of nape hair, this will need to be done in between haircuts.
  • Book your next cut before you leave the salon.
  • Regular hair colours, just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you forget about your colour, in fact, it’s easier to change thing up with short hair colouring as you are cutting old colour off every visit.
Coloured Hair Style and Trend Short Haircut

Inspiration short hair looks

Coloured and Inspirational Short Haircut Style Looks

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