Embracing the sexy silver beauty

You have just come out several weeks of isolation; you are feeling recharged and relaxed, but let’s face it, your hair needs some love! You have got two inches of regrowth and the greys are showing through! But why not use it to your advantage? Now’s the time to embrace the grey and banish the harsh regrowth line for good!

Silver haired female

At Merivale’s V For Hair and Beauty Merivale,you’ll find a team of hair care professionals who have mastered the art ofgrowing grey gracefully. We are here to give you your new look feel confidentand look carefree and radiant.

Better yet, our techniques will disguise new growthwith a soft, flattering look, so you can replace harsh regrowth lines withbeautiful, low maintenance silver grey locks that look amazing. At V For Hairand Beauty, grey isn’t drab! “We can give you a shimmering sexy blonde or cooliris sparkle, or many more, I personally guarantee it -” Master Stylist VickiOgden-O’Fee says. Come on in for a complimentary consultation with our team ofexperts in going grey gracefully. It is time to slay the grey! Age is nobarrier to embrace silver whether 22 or 62 we will help you rock yourindividual style!

Light silver haired female

Slay the grey and get sexy silver hair - style inspiration

Its all about you, your desires want and needs, that is why we really pride ourselves on giving you a in depth consultation before we start your services.

Things that all these style inspiration hair styles have in common are

  • Precision styled hair cut to suit their face shape
  • Shiny hair – achieved when using the correct home care
  • Beautiful silver reflects that are naturally enhanced and suit their skin tone
Going Grey Gracefully - V for Hair, Merivale, Christchurch
grey short hair
Short grey hair
Sexy Silver Hair
Grey short hair
Looking Beautiful at Any Age
hair styling product recommendations for short hair
Going Grey Gracefully
Grey long hair

This is the real world – our clients just like you are having makeovers.

This lady came to our Executive Stylist Daniel and asked him to turn her hair into a Beautiful Silver-Grey colour. This transformation was performed in the one session and there will be no worry about a demarcation line or regrowth due to the technique used. She is very happy!

before damaged hair
After fixed hair

This lovely lady had been doing full head foils for a very long time and wanted to try something different and easy. After a consultation about her desired result, Kumar gave this lady a soft flattering silver blend colour and finished with a stylish, more manageable, and practical hairstyle. Another 10/10 result along with another happy 5-star client.

Before damaged hair
After fixed hair

New and exciting times for Kumar’s client. So, a hair style change was a positive step also, and WOW how amazing were the results all in one session. No more brassy hair just beautiful stylish hair.

Before and after of hair

He is on a roll! This lady came to our perfectionist Daniel with natural dry and brassy hair. Executive stylist Daniel applied the latest freehand Ombre techniques to achieve this wonderful result. This is a variation on silver but a very good way to have a low maintenance blending colour if wanting to keep your hair longer and darker.

Damaged brown hair
brown curled hair
Brown curled hair after fixed

This lady came in with dark yellow ends and snow-white roots. She was attempting to cover her roots with permanent colour, but it was not working well at all and she needed some help to get a more manageable yet flattering hairstyle and  a low maintenance colour. Our stylist director Kumar preformed a nice white blending and now she does not need to worry about hiding her greys! Another happy client on the books.

silver blonde hair

This lady came to Executive Stylist Daniel with concern of seeing grey roots and brassy, yellow length. She decided that now is the time to go grey.... He transformed her hair into a beautiful silver-grey colour just in one session. Look at that amazing result.

Damaged hair with grey roots
styled and coloured silver hair

SLAY THE GREY..."THATS WHAT WE SAY" Having beautiful silver hair does not need to be a difficult process. This fabulous transformation by Executive Stylist Daniel, was achieved in one sitting. Beautiful results and very happy client. Stunning hair Sexy and silver!

Damaged hair with grey roots
Beautifully coloured and styled blonde / grey hair

What we will do for you!

We will sit down with you and have a chat and consultation in a relaxed manner, we will take away any concerns you have about the process of having a change,new look or transitiong to embracing the silver trend. We will answer your questions about style process investment and aftercare home maintenance.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and feel confident that you are in safe hands.Many ladies make these hair style and colour transitions in one visit, some others it may be a progressive transition. We will talk about what services will be best for you. We have different pricing levels in our salon. You can have a consultaion with any stylist and choose any stylist.Quite often I (Vicki Ogden-O’Fee Master stylist) will do the initial consultation then direct you to whom ever would be the best stylist for your needs.

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After all We don’t just do hair…”We make YOU Beautiful”, Master stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee