Spring is the perfect time to detox, have a good clean out, spring clean and revamp you and your environment. This can be done in many ways and cover a few aspects of your daily life. When was the last time you gave your workstation or office a spring clean and refresh, or even your work vehicle if you are on the road? Having a refresh and help make us motivated and invigorated and more positive about our daily life. Life should not be a daily grind feeling like we are on a constant treadmill. There are many small changes we can do that will make a big difference to our daily routine.

Let us start with a, Facial Detox you can do at home.

Home Facial Detox

Products you will need

  • Cleanser - start by giving your face a good cleanse with cleanser and warm water. When doing a home facial, it is good to repeat this stage 2 times.  Pure Fijis Coconut cream cleaner is perfect for this and all skin types.
  • Exfoliator - You can use a variety of products to give your skin a good exfoliate, we recommend Pure Fijis exfoliating scrub, papaya purifying enzyme masque or the hyaluronic renewal peel, the masque and peel mentioned can be either left on 15 to 20 minutes or sleep with it on overnight.
  • Facial oil - To finish I recommend a beautiful facial oil such as Pure Fijis Hydrate and nourish luxury face oil or the Vitamin C Brightening oil.

Pure Fiji Vitamin C Collection

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While there are many other lotions and potions, I can suggest these three will get results and are not complicated to use. You can either turn this into a real home spa session with a soak in the bath and a nice candle, or simply go and find a quiet place to retreat to and relax.

At home hair detox and hydrate

Home Hair Care routine, Detox and Hydrate

Products you will need

  • Shampoo - I suggest the new Blond me detox shampoo, this is good for all hair types, renewing life to your hair and colour. This shampoo can be applied wet or dry then add water and lather to remove impurities. I use this shampoo about once a week.
  • Treatment - There are many treatments on the market, but I think it is important to have one personalised for your specific hair type. The new FIBRECLINIX range has base treatments and speciality boosters that you add in. For example, I use the Vibrant (Colour) treatment with the volumize booster to give volume to fine hair. These two ingredients are mixed and applied to towel dried hair and left on for up to 30 minutes, rinse, and style. These treatments give you benefit in your hair for up to 15 days.
  • Sealer - Blond me Bi Phase spray is the perfect way to finish off your hair treatment. This is applied to towel dried hair, spray on and leave in, this product will lock in the goodness of your hair treatment.

BlondMe Products

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Fibre Clinix Products

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Wardrobe detox

Beautifully Organized Wardrobe

Items you will need

Will power and clean sack x 3 ~ Go through your wardrobe one area at a time. Make 3 categories for your clothes,

  1. Keep - These items should be clothes that fit and flatter you. Make sure they are clean and hang up nicely on organised coat hangers. I prefer matching coat hangers and them all facing the same way, just looks tidier.
  2. Donate/sell - If you have not worn an item for 12 months or more chances are you wont again. I suggest you either donate to charity or sell and invest the money in some new flattering pieces.
  3. Discard - If the items are not good enough to donate or sell…then what are they doing in your wardrobe? They obviously are not doing anything for you so move them on.

Home detox & $$$ in your pocket

Home Declutter

Things you will need

  • Boxes - As you clean out each area of your house put items that you no longer use or require together in boxes that compliment each other, for example kitchen ware, books, linen etc
  • Camera/phone - Photograph the items individually or in clusters (depends how you want to sell them). Take several photos of each item /cluster and from different angles, display them nicely so they look inviting when you list them for sale.
  • Trade me account - Now using a Trade me, Facebook marketplace or similar site load your items for sale. 

As we are in the process of selling our house, I have been doing a lot home detox and declutter lately. I have gone right through every cupboard and drawer… one mans junk is another mans treasure, and lets face it who doesn’t want a little bit of extra cash, you might surprise yourself with the things you can actually sell and then  you can put the dollars to good use and get yourself something new and nice that makes you feel good.

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