Time out - time for rest or recreation away from one's usual work or studies

What does time out mean to you? We all have different ways to chill or take time out...this often also has a lot to do with the stage we are at in life.When we are young, hanging out with your mates is probably time out. When we have small children…having the kids asleep in bed can be time out.Our kids are all adults now so for my Husband Mike and I's time out can be chilling at home in the garden, having a spa, entertaining friends and family, we also like to head away in the caravan if we get a spare weekend. I keep the caravan stocked with clothes, linen, food (except perishables), crockery etc so it's an easy pack up to getaway.This last weekend we took time out and went to Hanmer Springs in our caravan for a couple of nights. Hanmer is a good distance from Christchurch, we were there, and all set up within a couple of hours.

Top Ten Holiday park

We stayed at the Top Ten Holiday Park, we hadn’t stayed there before, and I would recommend it.

The camp was very clean and tidy and within walking distance to town. Friday night we just chilled at the camp with a vino or two in the sun, very relaxing.

Wine Time

Saturday morning, we cooked a nice breakfast then went for a walk around Hanmer, it was a beautiful sunny day and the snow looked gorgeous on the mountains.We then headed to the Hanmer hot pools and had a soak in the pools for a couple of hours.I Like the hot 42 degrees sulphur pools the most and they make your skin feel amazing! It was such a beautiful day we felt quite relaxed and chilled out after being at the pools.

Vicki and Mike at the hot pools

Later in the day we caught the last of the day's sun and chilled at the camp, reading and having a late lunch and a wee vino…yes I know again!

Lunch by the caravan

We headed out on Saturday evening to Fire and Ice for dinner.I love this restaurant it has good atmosphere, nice fires burning and lovely food.

Fire and Ice for dinner

Sunday morning saw us pack up ready for home. I always make the bed with fresh sheets ready for our next expedition, so, its hassle-free if we want to get away on the spirit of the moment.

Vicki's caravan

I think it is so important to take out for ourselves and chill. We all lead busy lives and I find when I do relax and take time out that’s when good ideas and new plans, dreams and goals are made.

Taking time out to make your soul happy