Upfront & Honest

Your patronage is important to us and from time to time it is important to re-evaluate things including our appearance.

Up front Honest

As a business we want to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure our clients have the best possible experience and we achieve your desired results.

Never underestimate the power of taking time out to invest in yourself - a consultation with your hairdresser, barber, or beauty therapist to help achieve your desired look will work wonders. We can guide you through the process of a change, give honest feedback and suggestions, which sometimes is hard to get from friends and family for fear of them offending you.

Invest in yourself

Consultation ~ The action or process of formally consulting or discussing. Meeting with an expert, to seek advice.

V For Hair and Beauty Consultation ~ we will sit down with you have a chat and a coffee. We can give you ideas for your hair style, hair colour, beauty treatments, hair care and skin care.

Master stylist Vicki

I, (Vicki, business owner) must take overall responsibility for what happens within our business. We work hard to look after YOU, our clients, grow the business and we always welcome feedback on your visit. 

If you ever feel:

  • We dropped the ball on our service at your appointment.
  • Cost of the service, you felt was too high or inconsistent.
  • The service took too long or longer than expected or there was miscommunication on the desired result.
  • Your stylist/beautician was over persuasive, and you felt compelled to upgrade your service and purchase products.
  • You did not click with the Stylist or Beautician at your visit.

Then we want to hear from YOU.

We always strive too:

  • Provide a warm inviting and friendly environment for you our clients. 
  • Luxury refreshments and service.
  • Listen to your concerns and needs, achieving good outcomes for YOU.
  • Personalise your style/ treatments to your individual needs.

And of course, we always welcome feedback when a team member does something to make your visit special.

From time to time when we all want a change, changing hairstylist within the salon can give you knew and fresh ideas too. The advantage of this is we know your hair and beauty history and we can work with you to have the look you desire. You may have sat in the salon and see someone getting a style you like. Never feel bad about changing stylist within the salon, after all we are here to serve YOU.

Book for a totally FREE consultation with Myself or Georgie (you choose) and we will listen to your needs and desires, we can work out a way forward. We can help direct you to a stylist or beautician that we feel would be best for your needs, to achieve your desired result. We will be upfront about price and give you options to suit your budget and lifestyle moving forward. Or you can contact us direct via our email

Vicki - vickio@gsydm1021.siteground.bi

As far as hair goes, I specialise in, all aspects of cutting and razor cutting, especially short restyles, love doing make overs, going grey gracefully, blonde hair colouring, colour correction work and perming. Consulting on your colours is also something I am very passionate about. 35 years + experience. Hours on the floor Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm.

Meet our awesome team

Georgie Salon Manager

Georgie - Salon Manager - I look forward to catching up with you. Come in for a chat and a coffee, free consultation. I am here to help. I have been in the hair and beauty industry 30+ years and have good hair and beauty knowledge, I can point you in the right direction to a stylist or beautician that will be a good fit for you. My direct email is merivalesalon@gsydm1021.siteground.biz or as always I am on the end of the phone Wednesday to Saturday 033556584.

Kumar Hair Stylist

Kumar – Hair Stylist - Specialises in, long hair styling, balayage, permanent straightening, keratin smoothing, going grey gracefully, cutting, and amazing blow waves and all aspects of hairdressing.10 years + experience. Hours every day except Wednesday.

Fiko Hair Stylist, Barber

Fiko – Hair Stylist / Barber - Specialises in precision and fashion cutting, fine hair, curly hair, occasion styling, hair ups and beautiful colour work. 10 years + experience. Hours every day except Tuesday.

Sara Hair Stylist

Sara – Hair Stylist - Specialises in funky and stylish haircuts, colouring expert and perming, plus beautiful blow waves. 30 years + experience Hours Wednesday to Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Daniel Hair Stylist

Daniel – Hair Stylist - Specialises in precision long hair highlighting, balayage, going grey gracefully, beautiful blondes, keratin smoothing, stunning haircuts and razor cutting.10 years + experience. Hours Tuesday to Saturday.

Ankita Beauty Therapist

Ankita - Beauty Therapist - Specialises in skin care concerns and advice, facials, waxing, henna brows, and threading. 6 + years’ experience. hours Tuesday to Saturday.

Harinder Beauty Therapist

Harinder - Beauty Therapist - Specialises in skin care concerns and advice, facials, waxing, henna brows pedicure. 5+ Years’ experience. Hours every day apart from Wednesday.

Pam Beauty Therapist

Pam - Beauty Therapist - Specialises in all aspects of beauty therapy. Waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure, facials, massage, spray tanning, henna. 10 years + experience. Pam returns from maternity leave 24 November. Hours Wednesday to Saturday.

Gokul Senior Barber

Gokul - Senior barber - Specialises in all aspects of men's grooming, from stylish haircuts to cutthroat shaving, camo de-grey and men's facials. 10+ years’ experience. Hours Tuesday to Saturday.

Master Stylist Vicki quote Key to our success