A Hair, Beauty & Barbering salon at a convenient location in Merivale Mall, Christchurch.

V For Hair and Beauty/Vj Barbers is your one stop grooming shop.

V For Hair & Beauty is a boutique, feminine ladies’ hair and beauty salon – “We don’t just do hair, we do beautiful.” From Keratin Smoothing to Waxing to Spray Tans – we’ve got you covered. Vj Barbers provides fine grooming for discerning men, from young lads to old boys. From older styles to more modern twists, our barbershop is where tradition meets trend. Our store is located at 189 Papanui Road, Level One Merivale Mall, the Fashion central of Christchurch. At our Merivale salon we also offer a wide range of styling products and tools, hair care, and skin and body care. We also ship our products online New Zealand wide via our website.

Our team at V for hair and Beauty / Vj Barbers are forward-thinking, creative, progressive and skillful stylists that are extremely passionate about what they do. The teamwork and lively nature of our salon provides a lovely environment for our clients to receive excellent grooming services. With separate salons for the Ladies and Gents – as well as private beauty rooms – there’s room for everyone to indulge and treat themselves.
V for Hair and Beauty and Vj Barbers opens daily at 8am (earlier at request), making it possible to have a salon styled blow wave ready for work or an event all day. We offer a late night on Thursdays until 8pm, making our services available after general work hours. We are open all day Saturday for your convenience as well and are happy to accommodate walk-in clients wherever possible. We offer special hot deals on our services and sell products online via our website, allowing anyone in New Zealand to receive a special treat from us. As a brand, our motto is “Dream, Passion, Inspire” a short but sweet quote emphasising the process of turning your dreams into a reality. The Passion that our founder, Vicki, has for the Hair and Beauty industry comes across in our brand and mission statement.
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V For Hair and Beauty

V stands for vivacious, vitality, vigour, versatile, voluptuous and vibrant, all words which relate to woman and our unique and individual styles. Over our 13 years as a company, we have seen a wide variety of clients, which has only developed our stylist’s skills to adapt to any requests or styles wanted.

At V For Hair & Beauty “We don’t just do hair, we do beautiful” in luxurious surroundings with fantastic service!

V For Hair & Beauty is a true lavish hair and beauty salon. Furnished with French antique furniture, chandeliers, opulent wallpapers and plush leather waiting chairs, our salon is where women can relax and be pampered. In our private waiting area, top of the line refreshments is served on trays with hand lotion samples and hot towels. We offer gourmet herbal teas, roasted coffee, chilled juice, and water, along with a sweet treat.

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VJ Barbers

Vj Barbers was launched before V for Hair and Beauty, with the aim to create a space that men could feel comfortable and well looked after. At Vj Barbers, we provide fine grooming for discerning men, from young lads to old boys. Our barbers are specifically trained in all aspects of barbering and men’s grooming, our specialty being hot steam cutthroat shaves. The space is masculine, fun, and upbeat. From older styles to more modern twists, our barbershop is where tradition meets trend.

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Personal Styling

More recently, our services have extended to Personal Styling as well, allowing us to reach a greater range of clients. Our founder Vicki has gained her personal styling qualification and is ready to help inspire your true personal style. She is available to help with colour palettes, body shapes, wardrobe planning, personal shopping, and total image makeovers.

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About Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

From a young age, Vicki always wanted to be a hairdresser, getting her first professional hairdryer at the age of seven. She used to sit for hours in her Aunties salon, dreaming of one day becoming a hairdresser and owning a salon of her own. She worked for free at a salon after school for two years to gain experience in the industry, which paid off when she secured an apprenticeship in ladies hairdressing.

After completing her lady’s hairdressing apprenticeship she set up her own business at the age of 18 as “Dial-a-Style” – a mobile hairdresser, going to people’s homes to do their hair for them. After two years she sold the business, which gave her enough money to get started in her first salon. She set up Headmasters Hair Design in Belfast, Christchurch, which quickly expanded to a larger site, with the addition of beauty services as well. Vicki worked on the floor along with a team of eight, until 2001 when she sold Headmasters Hair and Beauty to move on to a new challenge.

Vicki then bought into an existing franchise, starting with one salon. Over the next three years she opened five more stores and built the company up to more than 70 staff members. This was an exciting and challenging time, one where many friendships and new skills were established and developed. In 2007 she sold out of the franchise and started the V For Hair Group.

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