Looking at Hair Colours and Hairstyles for Spring?

There’s nothing quite like the fresh breeze of springtime, which brings along with it new beginnings. ✨🌸 It's a good time to give yourself a mini hair makeover with a new haircut and hair colour as you step into spring.

Some hair trends are brand new, like the modern twists on the classic bob, while others are here to stay, like the popular wolf cut.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know, including the perfect haircut to discuss with your stylist this spring. Classic signature haircuts are making a strong comeback, so make sure you’re up to date with all the new hair trends for this spring!


Wispy Bangs

Elizabeth Olsen - Getty Images

Bangs are pretty much always in style, and this spring, the spotlight is on wispy bangs. These are a breeze to manage and require minimal to no upkeep.

They give off a soft and alluring vibe, which accentuates and highlights the eyes and cheekbones. The beauty of this haircut lies in its versatility – it complements any face shape and hair texture, whether you’ve got curls or straight strands, long or short locks, or anything in between.

Typically blended into the rest of your hair to frame your face, they’re simple to blow-dry, whether you prefer them straight down the middle or swept to the side.

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The Job

Hailey Bieber - Allure

This is the new bob style haircut! This cut isn’t in any way related to careers. It’s a chic jaw-length bob. This style is all about clean, sharp lines and works wonders for those with finer hair. It can instantly transform your hair into a polished and well-styled look. The bold structure of the cut speaks for itself and requires little to no effort.

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The Curve Cut

Ana De Armas - Instagram

Ever heard of a “curve cut”? It’s all about those layers that gracefully shape themselves into a U- or V-shaped perimeter. The magic lies in those layers along the edge, which gives you that sharp short-layered effect around the face while effortlessly blending into the rest of your layers. It includes a face-framing fringe, just a smidge above your chin, along with longer layers overall with some shorter ones on top to pump up the volume.

Pro Tip time: To really own the look, give your hair a ‘90s bounce with a round brush, a blow dryer, and some mousse. This will be the perfect finishing touch that defines your ends and gives your hair some extra love and protection.


Úrsula Corberó - Instagram

Somehow, the mullet hairstyle always finds its way back into the spotlight. This time around, it’s taking on a new form, merging elements of a pixie and a mullet to create what’s known as the “mixie.” With its short front and sides and a longer back adorned with plenty of texture, this haircut is designed to give your appearance a bold and edgy vibe.

It’s the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary, allowing you to rock a unique and fashion-forward style that’s bound to turn heads.

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Hair Colours

Candlelit Brunette

Ashley Park - GlamourUK

When it comes to transitioning blonde hair to a darker shade or lightening brunette locks, there’s no 2023 trend quite like this one. Imagine a brunette base infused with golden highlights – a combo that’s been flaunted by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Kaia Gerber. This particular shade seems to emit an amber glow when it catches the sunlight. It mixes rich, warm tones that effortlessly suit all skin tones and requires minimal upkeep.

Many people are opting for darker shades this spring, and this one is stealing the show. If you’re eyeing this beautiful blend, it’s recommended to go for a reverse balayage. This involves adding some darker lowlights throughout the hair’s lengths. Reverse balayage is a major trend, and it’s sticking around. You can transition from blonde to blonde using these lowlights, keeping the face-framing area a tad lighter but still warm.

Bamboo Blonde

Bamboo blonde is absolutely stealing the spotlight as one of the hottest hair colors of 2023. It draws inspiration from the soothing qualities of natural bamboo and its intricate texture. This shade has a gentle, light golden blonde base. What sets it apart is the beautifully blended two-dimensional tones of warmer beige and delicate light oat milk. These hues seamlessly mix throughout the hair, which creates a look that’s as smooth and effortless as it gets. Remember the tweed blonde trend that rocked last year? Well, bamboo blonde is having the same effect this spring.


Red hair color is holding strong as a major trend for 2023, and hairstylists agree. Whether it’s a fiery red or a rich copper, there’s a noticeable shift in preferences. People who may have rocked balayage during the sunnier months are now leaning towards deeper, warmer tones as the weather gets cooler. It’s a transition from breezy to cozy. There’s a lot more buzz and experimentation happening with these shades. People are getting creative, embracing the spectrum of reds, and exploring all the unique and vibrant possibilities this color family has to offer. So, if you’re thinking of diving into the world of red hair, you’re in good company – and there’s a whole palette of shades waiting for you to explore.

Cocoa Lights

If you’re looking to bring some depth and richness to your brunette hair, the cocoa lights trend is the one to follow. It has the colours of faux tortoiseshell or the exquisite sheen of polished walnut wood – that’s the essence of this trend. It’s all about infusing your brunette hair with a luxurious, multidimensional twist. It combines to blend creamy, golden shades and a warm, inviting chocolate tone. Consider incorporating lighter tones like cognac or caramel around the face to accentuate facial features and make them pop. This will draw attention to eye color, cheekbones, and jawlines, to give you a natural yet striking look.

Palm Springs Pink

When it comes to trendy hair colours, neutrals are totally in, but guess what’s crashing the party this spring? Yep, you got it – pastel pink! With all the Barbie hype, shades of pink are mixed with shades of blonde, but one shade stands out more than the others. Palm Springs pink is a pastel-like, light pink shade that compliments light and dark skin tones alike.

Hair trends and your choices at the salon are all influenced by the looks you see around you, on Instagram, and of course, TikTok. Whether you’re thinking of getting a balayage treatment or a simple layers haircut, consider these hairstyles and discuss them with your stylist to find one that suits your face the best.

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