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Peach fuzz
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What is

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layer of your skin, which is often trapped by blocked pores, acne and other skin-related issues, including wrinkles and scaring. The process uses a tiny exfoliating blade to trim the dead skin cells and hair form your face, evening out any bumps or imperfections, and is completely painless. Following your procedure, you may notice your skin looks brighter and fresher, almost as if it’s brand new.

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Benefits of dermaplaning

Rejuvenated skin
Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells from the surface of your face, promoting the growth of new, fresh cells. This process evens out your skin tone and eases hyper pigmentation.
Fewer wrinkles
New cell growth can help minimise the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. Even out your skin tone and bring your skin closer to it’s ‘original’ natural condition. Your skin care will absorb better as well, giving a more radiant glow.
Peach fuzz
Fine hairs may seem invisible in most situations, but often stand out in bright lighting. Dermaplaning removes this fine ‘peach fuzz’ look, giving you a smooth, even appearance wherever you go. Contrary to myths hairs DO NOT grow back thicker.
Pores and scaring
Over time, pores can become clogged by dirt and oils, while smaller scar tissue remains on visible on the top layer of skin. Dermaplaning rids the skin of any collected material over time.

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Really thrilled with the beauty treatments I had done at V for Hair & Beauty. Nothing like treating yourself to a well deserved pampering. The staff were friendly and I thought the service was great!
~ Sondja D
I started going here a few years ago and ever since I stepped foot in the door I don't want to go anywhere else. I have a beautician that I see every 4 weeks now and I wouldn't change her! She is very professional and she makes sure you are okay throughout the treatment and ensures you’re comfortable. Will happily keep going. Love it!!
~ Lucretia D
I recently had 2 treatments at V for Beauty with Harinder and Ankita. They were both excellent and very professional. Highly recommend!
~ Krishna L

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How it Works

Gentle cleansing
 Prior to your session, we give you a gentle double cleanse, to remove and make up and oils.
A light scrap
Once you’re relaxed, we’ll run a small exfoliating blade over your face with the use of a facial oil, removing only the very top layer of dead skin.
No downtime
You may feel a very slight tingling sensation for a while after, but there's no downtime required after a dermaplaning session. We do recommend for best results to leave the skin clear of make up for 12 hours if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a treatment that uses a blade which moves over the skin to gently and evenly ‘skim’ the surface layers of skin. This layer is often where most of the damage, including fine lines, scaring, pock marks and other facial defects, live. 

 What areas can be treated?

Dermaplaning can be performed on all areas of the skin or solely on the face, depending on what the individual has in mind. However, dermaplaning is most often performed on the face alone, as this is the most noticeable feature and the most effective, with the face collecting a lot of dirt, oil, skin abrasions and/or fine lines.

How many sessions do I need?

For best results you only need one session every month to six weeks, at around 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area in question. We do recommend to our clients to combine this treatment with an in salon facial for best results.

How long will it take the skin to regrow?

Generally the treatment lasts a few weeks to a month or two, depending on the individual. After this period of time, the skin begins to resemble its former condition and the individual may wish for another treatment period, to prolong the effect. 

How much does a session cost?

We have three main offers, aside from our package deals, which can be seen on our voucher shop, or you can view in the pricing list below.

Does dermaplaning hurt?

The procedure doesn’t hurt if applied by a specialist, although you may experience a slight tingling sensation for a few hours afterwards. This is perfectly normal and is the result of the skin below the top layer coming into direct contact with the air.

Can I wear makeup after a dermaplaning session?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear makeup following a dermaplaning session. But as a clinic we do suggest to our clients to keep skin clean and clear for 12 hours after the treatment.

Is dermaplaning permanent?

No, the procedure will need to be repeated at regular intervals to keep the appearance of fresh, youthful skin.