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What is hair styling/straightening?

Hair styling is a combination of various, precise techniques used to achieve a particular hair style, usually by curling or straightening the hair for a desired look. Using curling irons, wands and stylers, your hair can go from completely flat to short or long curls, or even allow you to achieve nice, even, straight hair, without any frizz or split ends showing. Ask at V for Hair & Beauty for a soft bob, butterfly cut, chanel cut, cut & blow wave, fringe styling, wispy bangs, curly shags or any of the top trending hair styles this year.

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Benefits of styling

 Healthy hair
Regular visits to the hair salon ensure that your hair is kept well maintained and healthy, along with use of the right hair products.
Relax and chat with the friendly, professional staff at V for Hair & Beauty. Your hair appointment is your time.
Stay trendy
Looks come and go, so if staying relevant and in season is your concern, regular visits can give you just that.
Look professional
The team at V for Hair & Beauty are experts when it comes to styling. If you’re after a particular curl or look, they’ll help you achieve accuracy.

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Really thrilled with the beauty treatments I had done at V for Hair & Beauty. Nothing like treating yourself to a well deserved pampering. The staff were friendly and I thought the service was great!
~ Sondja D
I started going here a few years ago and ever since I stepped foot in the door I don't want to go anywhere else. I have a beautician that I see every 4 weeks now and I wouldn't change her! She is very professional and she makes sure you are okay throughout the treatment and ensures you’re comfortable. Will happily keep going. Love it!!
~ Lucretia D
I recently had 2 treatments at V for Beauty with Harinder and Ankita. They were both excellent and very professional. Highly recommend!
~ Krishna L

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I be shampooing and conditioning my hair?

The amount differs from person to person, but generally you should look to shampoo your hair every other day and add conditioner once or twice a week. This allows the hair’s natural oils time to replenish, resulting in stronger hair.

Will curling irons burn my hair?

Not if they’re used properly, no. Only if hair is left in for too long or the iron is faulty can this happen.

Do hair stylists use professional products?

Yes, V for Hair & Beauty uses a range of products, which are also available in store. See here for some examples of our lush selection.

Do I need to know my hair type? 

It helps if you can explain your hair type and the look you’re after, but we have professional stylists who can make an assessment for you and provide style tips, if you’re unsure.

What does styling include?

Styling generally includes any area of the hair that needs trimmed, cut, shaped or contoured. Styling doesn’t always mean colouring, tinting or other details, although it can include this.

 How much does a styling session cost?

The cost will depend on the size and complexity of the area, as well as the stylist engaged. Generally, stylists range from director, executive and master, priced from lowest to highest.