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Remove unsightly hairs

What is waxing?

Waxing is the process of applying hot wax or wax strips to various parts of the body, in order to ‘suction’ on to unwanted hair. When the wax or wax strip is removed, the hair is encased by the wax and so is pulled from its position on the body, leaving a clean, smooth hairless look. Since waxing pulls hair from the roots, it removes any traces of hair or hair follicles, which are sometimes present when shaving.

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Benefits of waxing

No visible hair ‘fuzz’
Remove any trace of hair fuzz or shadowing by stopping hair growth at the roots.
Slow down hair regrowth
Hair that’s been removed via waxing weakens the follicle growth and ability to reproduce more unwanted hair.
Quick and simple
As opposed to shaving, waxing is a fast, simple and effective process that gets hard to reach places.
Fight ingrowing hairs
Stave off ingrowing hair that often results from shaving and benefit your pores by opening them out.

No More Unruly
Hair Growths

Waxing is the only solution you need.
Really thrilled with the beauty treatments I had done at V for Hair & Beauty. Nothing like treating yourself to a well deserved pampering. The staff were friendly and I thought the service was great!
~ Sondja D
I started going here a few years ago and ever since I stepped foot in the door I don't want to go anywhere else. I have a beautician that I see every 4 weeks now and I wouldn't change her! She is very professional and she makes sure you are okay throughout the treatment and ensures you’re comfortable. Will happily keep going. Love it!!
~ Lucretia D
I recently had 2 treatments at V for Beauty with Harinder and Ankita. They were both excellent and very professional. Highly recommend!
~ Krishna L

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How it Works

 Apply wax
Warm wax is applied to the body on the areas where hair is about to be removed. Wax is spread evenly over surface area.
Apply strips
Whilst still warm, wax strips are applied and pressed down on for a few seconds, to ensure maximum contact between the hair and strip paper.
The wax strip is then removed, pulling from the opposite direction of hair growth to ensure maximum hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brazilian wax?

A Bralizian wax is where all the hair is removed from around the labia, perineum and anus (or your undercarriage and behind). Sometimes a landing strip is left above the pubis (the top of the public bone). A Brazilian wax ensures no unsightly hairs are visible when wearing swimwear, especially around the genital area.

Does waxing hurt?

Depending on your pain tolerance, you can expect a minor to medium amount of pain directly following the removal of the wax strip, and a stinging sessation for a few hours afterwards. However, there is no lasting damage involved. 

 Do open pores lead to infection?

Not in the case of a clean, sterile environment. Waxing may even prove to be healthier than shaving, because of the speed and lack of contact with a repeat use razor. 

Can I wax myself?

You can wax yourself from home, although if you want a professional job, or to reach difficult areas, a licensed beauty technician is your best option.

How many visits do I need?

Most waxing jobs can be completed in one or two sessions, although a Brazilian is generally done over a few weeks, due to the size of the area covered. Waxing in this way over time also helps to achieve consistent growth patterns.

How hot is the wax?

The wax should be tolerable to the touch of the skin, not hot enough to cause distress but not too cool so as to not be effective. 

What’s the difference between male and female waxing?

There’s no real difference between the two, except that excess hair tends to grow in different places for men than it does women. Shaving will typically take care of the ideal male look, but removing ingrowing or unwanted hair requires a waxing job.

Will waxing leave any scaring.

With proper treatment, no.