Get the Youthful Healthy Skin Glow with Dermaplaning

Some skin issues like acne and fine lines can impact your self-esteem. No matter how much money you spend on skincare products, getting rid of these issues sometimes feels impossible. Like most people, you probably spend time on TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest to discover the latest trends in skincare. It seems like there is a new fad every day, making you wonder if any of them is effective. You may have stumbled upon the new beauty trend that everyone is talking about these days, “dermaplaning.” This article will introduce you to the world of dermaplaning and its pros and cons.

Testimonial ~ Founder V For Hair and Beauty, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee

I absolutely love having dermaplaning done, it’s a treatment that you see instant results. My skin is soft supple and glowing. I personally have dermaplaning once a month with a facial treatment.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a simple cosmetic procedure where your beauty therapist exfoliates dead skin and removes facial hair. This procedure isn’t the same as shaving. The end results of dermaplaning are different as it aims to make the skin look more youthful and brighter rather than simple hair removal. Shaving only removes the hair on your face, and you can easily do it at home. On the other hand, dermaplaning should take place at a reputable beauty clinic like V For Hair and Beauty Merivale, and it involves hair removal and exfoliating the first layer of the skin. Dermaplaning can be performed at home, but since it requires the use of a sharp blade, it should only be handled by a professional. 

Our dermaplaning qualified therapists use a sharp and large surgical blade for this procedure. Dermaplaning doesn’t require anesthesia since it involves very gentle exfoliating that is usually painless. Your therapist will lightly pull the skin and delicately remove the dead and dull skin with a blade. The procedure takes about half an hour. 

Dermaplaning can have a huge impact on the skin. Removing the damaged skin reveals a healthier-looking, smoother, and younger layer of skin. However, dermaplaning isn’t a permanent solution. It will not stop the aging process and the facial hair always grows back, but no more than it was before the treatment. You will want to get this procedure every month. Although dermaplaning is mainly a facial procedure, it can be done in other areas of your body.

Dermaplaning vs. Microdermabrasion vs. Dermabrasion

People often confuse dermaplaning with dermabrasion and microdermabrasion since they involve work on the surface of the skin. However, they differ in the tools used and the amount of skin removed. While dermaplaning uses a surgical blade, microdermabrasion requires an exfoliating blade to remove any imperfections from the skin but doesn’t impact the facial hair. If you are looking for light exfoliation, dermaplaning is the right procedure for you, unlike dermabrasion which involves deep exfoliation. Both are nonsurgical procedures. Dermabrasion, on the other hand, is a procedure that requires the use of a rotating brush and the removal of the first layer of the skin. A therapist performs this procedure to remove wrinkles and scars from the skin.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

There is a reason dermaplaning has become one of the most popular skincare trends. This procedure can do wonders for your skin and remove many flaws.

It’s Quick

In this day and age, everyone is in a hurry. Many people put off certain tasks and activities because they don’t have time. However, with dermaplaning, you do not have to worry about the time as it takes only about thirty minutes. This procedure doesn’t involve any prep or recovery time. You will be in and out in less than an hour, so you can do it even during your busy schedule. 

It’s safe

Dermaplaning is a safe and low-risk procedure. Most dermatologists  recommend it for people with dry skin, but it works with all skin types. Redness is a normal part of this procedure for some people and only lasts for a few hours. There are minimum side effects to dermaplaning, provided you go to a trained professional

Fast Results

You will be able to see results right away. After the procedure, your skin will be visibly brighter and smoother. Most people are exposed to various types of toxins every day that can damage their skin and make it look dull. Dermaplaning will remove the imperfect and damaged layer to reveal youthful and glowing skin.

Perfect for All Skin Types

This procedure works on all skin types, even sensitive skin. Dermaplaning is painless and will not irritate your skin. The words “blade” may scare some people, especially ones with sensitive skin. However, this procedure is painless and doesn’t require the use of chemicals, so it’s safe for people with sensitive skin and pregnant women as well.

Reduces Wrinkles

As mentioned, dermaplaning exposes a more youthful layer of skin. By exfoliating the dead skin, this procedure reduces wrinkles without the need for using chemicals, Botox, or plastic surgery. 

Prevents Acne

Exfoliation and removing dead skin prevent the accumulation of natural oils that are responsible for acne. Dermaplaning also unclogs pores to give you healthy-looking skin and reduce breakouts. In time, this procedure will also get rid of acne scars.

Look Younger

Collagen rejuvenates the skin, reduces acne, and makes your skin look younger. However, your body produces less collagen with age. Dermaplaning helps stimulate collagen, which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Cells Growth

Dermaplaning encourages cell growth and removes the cracks in the top layer of your skin. Patients with dry skin can benefit from this procedure as it allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin and make it softer. 

Look Good in Makeup

Your makeup will never look better than after a dermaplaning procedure. Removing the dead skin will allow your skin to absorb products like serums, so they reach deeper layers. Acne, skin oil, facial hair, and lines can impact your makeup. However, applying makeup on smooth and bright skin will look flawless, boosting your self-confidence.

Side Effects of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a safe procedure. You will experience side effects only if you do this procedure yourself or don’t seek the help of a professional. Using a sharp blade, yourself can be risky. You will most likely cut yourself as you don’t have the proper training, which can result in scarring and infections. Over-the-counter blades will also not be as effective as the ones your dermatologist uses. Only a certified dermatologist beauty therapist can perform this procedure with minimal to no side effects. Avoid spas, even medical ones, because you need a dermatologist therapist to properly assess your skin to see if dermaplaning is the right treatment for you or not. 

Preparing for Dermaplaning

Consult our trusted therapists and discuss with them what you hope to get out of this procedure. Make sure that you don’t have any injuries or cuts in advance to avoid infections. Avoid dermaplaning if you suffer from any skin issue like active breakout, eczema, cold sores, rashes, sunburn, etc. Don’t use any exfoliants or skin care products for three days before dermaplaning. Our therapists will also give you instructions to follow before and after the procedure

After Dermaplaning

After the procedure, your skin might be red. This is normal, and your therapist will apply a cream or gel to soothe your skin. Make sure to follow your therapists instructions. 

Misconceptions about Dermaplaning

You will hear strange things about dermaplaning that will put you off this procedure. This section will clear all the misconceptions.

Dermaplaning Is a New Trend

Dermaplaning has been around for years, which makes it a safe procedure. You have only just heard about it because it is the new “craze” on social media.

Dermaplaning Is Painful

This procedure is pain-free. Some assume it is painful because sharp blades and hair removal are involved. However, the sharp blade will not cause any pain. Although hair removal procedures like waxing and laser are painful, dermaplaning isn’t.

Dermaplaning Doesn’t Work on Dark Skin

Dermaplaning works on all skin tones.

Facial Hair Will Grow Thicker and Darker

It is a common misconception that hair will grow darker and thicker when shaving it. Dermaplaning removes your facial hair making your skin soft and bright. It will not impact the hair’s color or thickness.

Dermaplaning Causes Acne

Dermaplaning reduces acne and acne scars. It is an effective treatment for breakouts. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t treat active breakout, and you should steer clear of this procedure during this time.

Dermaplaning is one of the best skin procedures now. It will give your skin a healthy, youthful, and smooth look. Acne scars and other skin perfections will no longer be an issue. This procedure doesn’t take time, is painless, and has minimum side effects. Getting dermaplaning every month will do wonders for your skin and help you achieve a younger and fresher look. 

Beautiful skin requires commitment…not a miracle.

- Vicki Ogden-O’Fee


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