Enjoy your life! Find time for the things which make you happy and give you fresh inspiration and energy. Remember, your health depends on your happiness too. Take time to make your soul happy!

Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Merivale

Recently I had to have some extended leavefrom the salon to recover from surgery. Originally, I thought this time woulddrag as I wasn’t able to do much at all while recovering…or so I thought.

This blog is all about enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Things that I did during my recovery that didn’t cost money but gave me pleasure and motivated me. Like audio books, a walk in my garden, a cuppa in the spa…

This year I have made it one of my personal goals to read/listen to at least one self-help/motivational/wellbeing book a month.

To do this I have been changing my some of my habits, instead of listening to the radio on the way to and from work I have been listening to an audio book. Sometimes I listen to them at night in bed as well, but usually I like to read something a bit litter and more relaxing at bedtime.

Here are the books I have listened to so far this year. They have all inspired me and motivated me in different ways.

The life changing magic of tidying up,
By Marie Kondo

The life changing magic of tidying up, By Marie Kondo
This book I had heard so much about. Some of the things are extreme, but generally it gave me some motivation to declutter and get rid of things with out feeling guilty.

The monk who sold his Ferrari,
By Robin Sharma

The monk who sold his Ferrari,  By Robin Sharma
Wow! What can I say a great book, really makes you think about your path in life and inner self?

The Power of NOW, By Eckhart Tolle

The Power of NOW, By Eckhart Tolle
Taking time to breath, reflect and think in the now is so important. We all stress about things that never happen. Why? I found this book does get you thinking in the now.

The 5 am Club, By Robin Sharma

The 5 am Club, By Robin Sharma
For anyone who wants to make the most out of your day and lift your game then this book is a must read!

The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, By Stephen R. Covey

The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, By Stephen R. Covey
This is a very famous book. Very motivating and one I keep reflecting to review different chapters.

An Edited Life, By Anna Newton

An Edited Life, By Anna Newton
This was such a good book to follow on from Marie Kondo’s book. Very real and practical tips a good read.

Think and grow rich, By Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich, By Napoleon Hill
This book isn’t just about money. Everyone’s grow “rich” is different. This book is very inspiring.

Taking time out in my garden is also another happy place for me, for those of you who love gardening you will know what I mean.

I feel relaxed and a great sense of achievement after a afternoon spent in the garden (although I wasn’t able to garden this time on leave).

When I was younger I always wanted a garden that I could pick fresh flowers for inside the home. I think colour is so important in our lives. Colour is vibrant, makes us feel good and flowers especially have beautiful fragrance and a calm welcoming effect. Plants shrubs and flowers are also such a lovely way to create different relaxing outdoor spaces.


I find it so relaxing having an early morning spa with a cup of earl grey tea and be able to sit amongst the lovely flowers. This is a time that if on my own in the spa I listen to my audio books.

Tea and spa
Embellished Urn

I don’t know about you, but over the years I have accumulated a lot of costume jewellery and had quite a few pieces that were broken.

After reading Marie Kondos book on tidying up (my wardrobe was one of the places I attacked), I had a pile of old and broken jewellery. I wanted to use this in some way. I had an old plastic urn in the garage, I spray painted it black, got the glue gun out and the result is the Embellished Urn below. I did this over a couple of weeks just doing a different section each time. There were also old plastic pearls in the kids dress up box which came in handy to fill in the spaces.

I headed along with some girl friends to The Ballantynes, Trelise Cooper, Prefall Fashion Show.

This season has a lot of florals, feminine dresses that drape the body, colour blocking in deep rich colours and stunning embellishment. The key colours this season are, green, red, black, white, cream, pink. Of course you need to make sure that you are wearing the shade of each colour that is YOUR colour palette and suits your hair and skin tone. (But I can help with that) In true Trelise Cooper style there are always some fun out there statement pieces in her collection.

Vicki Ogden O'Fee - V for Hair & Beauty and Trelise Cooper
Trelise Cooper
Prefall - Trelise Cooper
Trelise Cooper - Green Suit
Trelise Cooper
Green Dress and Roses

On the last week of my leave I attended aconference on the Gold Coast for my husband’s business. They had greatmotivational speakers including the inspiring Barbara Kendall and David Nottagewho spoke on the power of networking and presenting.

One of the days we had some free time, so we went for a look around Pacific Fair, my that place has grown since I was there 10 years ago! They have some very stylish shops…I only window shopped, but here are some more of the Autumn, Winter 2020 fashion trends. Again, lots of bold colours, hounds’ tooth, florals and bling. Metallic is a hit this season in shoes as are animal prints and muted neutral tones for ankle boots.

Kate Spade Bags
Prada bags
Winter Fashion
Yellow Zebra Fashion
Winter 2020 Fashion
Shoes Fashion
Camilla Fashion

While out walking we saw this very busy café. No wonder, look at the beautiful food presentation! Presentation is so important in many aspects of life.


The hotel we stayed at had some very cool art in the foyer and such beautiful flowers.

Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Merivale
Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Merivale

Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Merivale
Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Merivale

Being on the Gold coast we went for some nice walks, especially on the beach. Take time to make your soul happy. Despite the craziness of the world we live in, take moments to breathe and realise how lucky you are. You might have a million things to do at home and work but be grateful for each new day.

Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Merivale

Amidst everything that you have going on in your physical world, remember to come back to your inner world. Refocus on what makes you truly happy and leave time for it in your holiday plans. We tend to think that we “have to” do this and that but many of those obligations are self-imposed or we took them on in order to please others. Being generous is wonderful but make sure you leave energy and time for yourself as well.

Take time for your soul. It’s who you truly are deep down inside so forgetting about it means you become only a shadow of your true self and that means robbing yourself and others of a very precious gift.

Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  make your soul happy
Vicki V for Hair & Beauty,  Time to smell the roses