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At V for Hair and Beauty and VJ Barbers, we understand how difficult it is to choose a gift for your loved ones. With so many different hot deals and promotions ongoing at our online store, along with the new Christmas deals, there are plenty of options to choose from. We don’t want men to be discouraged by overwhelming them with many deals to give their girlfriends, wives, mothers or sisters. The same goes with women, how much pampering will the special man in their life want? This blog is to help the people who don’t know where to start in terms of gifts and to give our recommendations for each special man or woman in your life. 

Christmas Pampering for Her

Mum pamper

First off, we wanted to start with the ladies. We have an abundance of special deals available for our lovely lady clients and it may seem a bit overwhelming to men wanting to purchase one as a gift. We have decided on our top five choices for all of the special ladies in your life, Mothers, Sisters, Partners, Grandmothers and friends.

Recommended deal for Mum - Ultimate “Christmas Relax Package” - $99

Christmas Relax Package - V for Hair & Beauty

Mothers often find themselves running round like a headless chicken trying to look after their kids, grandkids as well as balancing work and social life. The Ultimate “Christmas Relax Package" is the perfect package for the busy person who deserves some personal time to relax. This is why it has become our top pick for mum, a busy woman who nearly always doesn’t set enough time for herself.

Over the course of 75 minutes, she will undergo a session of pure bliss consisting of a refreshing, exfoliating classic facial, rejuvenating eye mask and a relaxing back massage. This package is of pure bliss, and of great value. Your mum will leave refreshed and stress-free as all of the extra tension and stress that has been put on her shoulders for so long will be lifted.

Recommended deal for a Sister - Pedicure Christmas Pamper “The Best Pedicure in town” - $69 - $79

Pedicure Christmas Pamper - V for Hair & Beauty

We may sometimes fight with oursisters, but deep down they really do care about us. From the younger sisterwho used to dress up in your clothes to the older sister who would give you aride to school on a cold morning, all of them have different ways of showingaffection and care. Our Pedicure Christmas Pamper Pack has been dubbed “theBest Pedicure in Town” and is known to be a relaxing pampering experience inour professional beauty rooms, perfect for any sister you’re wanting to giveback to.

The Pedicure Christmas Pamper includesa coconut milk foot soak, foot exfoliation, nail shaping and cuticle work, pedicureparaffin moisture infusion and dead skin removal, foot and leg massage over 75minutes. There is an option to upgrade to gel polish over regular nail polishfor an extra $10 as well as a 15 minute add on time.

Recommended deal for your partner - Ultimate “Christmas Total Luxury Pamper” - $269 

Christmas Total Luxury Pamper - V for Hair & Beauty

Our Ultimate “Christmas Total Luxury Pamper” is an invigorating experience from start to finish. It is one of our popular packages this Christmas season- and for a good reason, it is one of the most relaxing and indulgent services we have to offer. The three hour pamper will leave your loved one reminiscing and relaxed heading into the New Year. It’s the perfect package to use on a day off to use as a pamper day or to unwind after a hard day at work.

Throughout therelaxing three-hour service the lucky receiver will have experienced a PureFiji Luxury Facial specifically tailored to your skin's needs, an unwindingback massage and a luxury pedicure with a foot massage and Gel Polish.

Recommended deal for your Grandmother - Ultimate “Christmas Facial Package” - $89

Ultimate Christmas Facial - V for Hair & Beauty

Grandmothers can be the sweetest people and are often very giving to their grandchildren. The perfect way to give back to your grandmother this year would be to gift your grandmother with one, two or three of our luxury Pure Fiji facials. This is the perfect gift as it doesn’t have to be a one-off visit but rather three times. Starting at $89 for one facial, $129 for two facial or $149 for three. For best results, we would recommend purchasing three facial and using over the course of a six week period.

The type of facial products used will be prescribed at your appointment for your individual skincare needs, handpicked from our selection of high-quality Pure Fiji products. Essential nutrients and vitamins infused in our facial products will supercharge and boost hydration. This improves the skin's firmness and elasticity, leaving your loved one's skin completely recharge and revitalised

Recommended deal for the best friend - All About “Eyes” - $49

Eyes hot deal

At V for Hair and Beauty, we want everyone to be able to spoil theirloved ones every once in a while, especially for Christmas. This All about“Eyes” Christmas Package is perfect for students on a tighter budget wanting topurchase a pamper gift for a friend. This package is also a great idea for ayounger girl wanting to step into the beauty world, to give them a relaxing andsoothing beginning experience into the beauty world.

This package includes eyelash and eyebrow tint to the preferred colourof your choice, and an eyebrow threading shape. Treat a special friend with theAll about “Eyes” package to thank her for everything she has done and leave herwith amazing looking eyes and possibly a great introduction into the beautyworld.

Christmas Pampering for Him

Christmas pampering for men's V for hair and beauty

We definitely can’t forget about the amazing value men’s deals we have going on at the moment! We have many special deals available for male clients but it may be difficult for women to choose what pack for each special man in their life. To help you out, we have chosen our top four choices for all of the wonderful men in your life, Fathers/ Grandfathers, Brothers, Partners, and friends.

Recommended deal for Dad or Grandad - Men’s haircut and Facial Treatment - $119

Men’s haircut and Facial Treatment Christmas V for hair and beauty

Our “Men’s Haircut and Facial Treatment” pack is the ultimate thank you for Dad this year. Take his mind off the stress of everyday life and into the Christmas spirit by letting us at VJ Barbers create a very suave look that will leave him with glowing skin and a sharp hairstyle. Why not treat Dad while getting him looking ship-shape for the family photos this Christmas? 

This package starts with an intensecleansing facial to rid the skin of impurities that lead to blackheads,breakouts, and acne. We start with our deep pore cleanse and prescription scrubfollowed by a refining papaya enzyme peel. After a soothing neck and shouldermassage, you will feel great. Following this is a style haircut of your choicedone by one of our two expert barbers. His skin will feel fresh, clean and new!

Recommended Deal for the Brother - Men’s Ultimate Christmas Grooming Package - $69

Men’s ultimate Christmas grooming package - VJ Barbers

Whether you’re best friends or frenemies with your brother, you’ll always go through good times and bad times with them. Make this Christmas one of those good times by purchasing our “Men’s Ultimate Christmas Grooming Package" to gift him. Sharpen him up for the Christmas family pictures by purchasing this package with the best grooming barbers in town.

This package includes a men’s wash haircut and style, ear, nasal, nape and eyebrow hair shaping and a hot steam cut-throat shave. This is definitely a package your brother will appreciate and be grateful for this holiday season. He will be looking clean, sharp and ready for the New Year. However, this package is a special Christmas offer, so make sure to get in before it’s gone!

Recommended deal for your partner - Men’s Total Premium Grooming Package - $169

Men's Total Premium Grooming Package - VJ Barbers

This package was made for the man in your life that never stops working. It’s often the people who are the busiest that need the most pampering. We will make sure he is relaxed and entranced during our Men’s Haircut & Facial Treatment. This is the perfect moment to thank a special man in your life for all he has done for you. Discounted all the way down to $169 at our special Christmas rates, who could say no?

He will undergo an intense cleansing facial to rid the skin ofimpurities that lead to blackheads, breakouts, and acne. We start with our deeppore cleanse and prescription scrub followed by a refining papaya enzyme peel.After a soothing neck and shoulder massage, the haircut of your choice follows.Following this, one of our expert barbers will perform a premium hot steamexfoliation and shave.

Recommended deal for your friend - Men’s Grooming Facial Treatment Package - $49           

Men's Grooming Facial Treatment Package - VJ Barbers

The Men’s Grooming Facial Treatment Christmas Package is perfect for students on a tighter budget wanting to purchase a pamper gift for a friend. It is also a perfect gift idea for any man who cares about maintaining healthy, glowing skin, or a first-timer who is experiencing their first men's facial. Let either of our two expert barbers take care of you or a friend to make their Christmas special.

This package includes a deluxe men’sfacial, which consists of a double facial cleanse, hot steam exfoliation,masque hydration, facial massage and moisture infusion. Treat a special friendwith the men’s grooming facial treatment package to thank him for everything hehas done and leave him with hydrated, glowing skin and a treatment he’ll love.

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