Gokul has just returned from India having been away for 5 weeks to attend his wedding to Ankita.He has given us an insight into his Indian wedding Celebrations.As Gokul tells us, an Indian wedding is a big affair and celebration over 2 days. This starts with ganesh stphan which is religious celebration to celebrate the beginning of something good.Later that day they have a family and friends lunch… just a small event…Not…about one thousand people attend!

Wedding Family photo
Gokul's Family

The groom and his family organise this luncheon. This takes place in an open park near Gokul’s home. This is just the grooms family and friends Ankita (the bride) is celebrating three hours away with her family and friends at her own party.Grathsanti is held late in the afternoon which is family only, the holly guru man comes to this and he blesses all the family for positive vibes. Later that evening Gokul attended haldi Tumeric function, this is just for the groom and bride but at separate venues, all the ladies of Gokuls family apply him with turmeric to look very nice for his wedding, it is said that if you apply turmeric you will look good for your wedding day.

V for Hair and Beauty - Gokuls Wedding Ceremony
Tumeric Ceremony

The evening continues with a family dinner which is followed by a garba function which is dancing with beautiful colourful clothes at this there is religious and Bollywood songs this dancing goes to late into the night.The next day…the actual wedding day starts 7am in the morning and Gokul travelled 3 hours to Ankitas house, but before he leaves his friends decorate his car and he is dressed in his wedding attire known as a servanies with a turbon, jewelled broach, shawl and mojdi (beautiful shoes) and a sword. During the course of the wedding, Gokul will have about ten wedding Indian outfits most formal some traditional.

V for Hair and Beauty - Gokuls Wedding

At the actual ceremony. The bharmin speaks some mantras and performs some traditional Indian rituals. As does Ankitas family which is blessing the couple. This followed by an emotional vidai where Ankits family farewell her to go with Gokul and it becomes his responsibility to look after his new wife.

V for Hair and Beauty - Gokuls Wedding
Gokul's Wedding day with Ankita

Gokul stayed on in India for 4 more weeks and had a holiday and went to Goa which is a lovely seaside resort area. They had temperatures of 45oc it was extremely hot. We visited a lot of hair, barbering and beauty salons on my holiday getting new ideas and inspiration says Gokul. Now I am home to New Zealand and the chilly winter back at work catching up with all my lovely clients and workmates. Gokul welcomes all new and existing clients to Vj Barbers Merivale.

V for Hair and Beauty - Gokuls Honeymoon
Gokul's and Ankita at the Temple

V for Hair and Beauty - Gokuls Honeymoon
Gokul's and Ankita on their Honeymoon