Have you seen the new beauty trend Henna Brows and lashes?

It’s likely you have, even if you didn’t realise. Plenty of celebrities and influencers these days are getting this beauty treatment for many reasons. Henna tint is a natural plant pigment from the Henna tree making it perfect for sensitive skin types.

Henna Brows Christchurch

It’s also less intense and permanent than micro-blading with zero pain and downtime. Henna Tint also makes your brows and lashes just as defined as normal tint and eyebrow makeup and if you don’t like them, have no fear, they are only semi-permanent!

Henna Brows Christchurch

Henna is the perfect way to go for anyone looking for more natural beauty treatments as it is chemical free and it's completely plant based.

Regular eyelash and eyebrow tinting involves chemicals, but if you opt for Henna you massively reduce the risk of any side effects due to exposure from these chemicals. Often people with skin conditions and problems find Henna tint a lot more accommodating to their skin over regular chemical tint. 

Another advantage of using a Henna plant-based tint is that it lasts longer than regular tint.

Similar to other plant products such as turmeric and beetroot, Henna almost leaves a similar permanent stain on your skin.

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The advantage over other plant based dyes is that henna contains the molecule "lawsone." Lawsone binds to your skins keratin proteins, meaning that the henna is now in a way semi-permanently bonded to your skin. The dye will remain on your skin until that layer of skin has been shed. This way your brows and lashes are looking on point and fuller for longer.

According to our beauty therapists in store, henna tint lasts between 3-4 weeks for your eyebrows and between 5-7 weeks for your eyelashes. Of course, these generalisations can sometimes be different from person to person. Factors that can alter the amount of time your Henna tint lasts include how much you wash your face, your skincare routine and personal skin type, and how much makeup you wear on top of your tint. Of course, when using the henna tint there is ultimately no need for eyebrow makeup or mascara as henna looks very beautiful and gives off the impression that you are wearing makeup without the extra cost or hassle. It saves so much time getting ready in the morning.

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Because Henna tint lasts longer than regular tint this means you don't have to get your brows and lashes redone as often as if you were using a chemical tint. Henna brows are also a more affordable compared to getting your eyebrows microbladed. If you were wanting to get your eyebrows microbladed but it isn’t in your budget, or you don't want to commit until you know what it would look like, Henna would be your solution. 

Vicki Ogden'O'Fee Henna Brows

Henna tint works well on both dark and light hair, and offers a variety of colours. It looks especially amazing on blonde eyelashes as the colour difference is very different to before and beautiful. Henna tint can be mixed according to what you want or what your current hair colour is. Every colour formula our clients come in for is different as each person has a unique hair colour, hair needs and preference. Regular tint has only a few (3-4) basic colours whereas Henna has a larger variety of colours (8-9) which are often mixed to get a more specific colour. With this larger range of colours it means that it is more likely to match your requests and look more natural.

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