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Osis styling range: something for everyone.

When you use the correct hair styling products for your hair you will never have another bad hair day. Check out our prescribed hair care styling products that also compliment our BC care range.

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The Osis product range is one of the staples at V for Hair and Beauty and Vj Barbers Merivale. It is one of the most versatile product ranges as it has a bunch of products for many hair types, whether thick, fair, frizzy, curly, wavy, or straight. It is also great as the products are used in both our barbers and salon sections and are often purchased and used by multiple members of a family. As the Schwarzkopf Osis range can suit many hair types this means that often our clients do not know where to start.

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What is the product used for?

  • Curls
  • Straightening
  • Volume
  • Protection
  • Anti frizz
  • Shine
  • Matt
  • Movement

 Will it suit my hairs personal needs? 

  • Thick hair
  • Fine hair
  • Fine hair & lots of it
  • Thick hair but sparse
  • Unruly hair
  • Straggly hair
Long blonde hair

How much will it cost? 

Invest in your hair

This is where our catalogue comes in, find out what is best for you based on the look you are wanting to achieve.

Why you should have highlights

Most of our Osis products are available via our online store, and the products that are not are available in our store, second floor Merivale mall. If you see something that is right for you, you can purchase ONLINE or instore.

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Schwarzkopf osis +
The Schwarzkopf osis mess up
Thrill 100ml$29.90No matter what type of hair you have, Schwarzkopf OSIS Thrill 100ml fibre gum would be your perfect styling partner. It features a sulphate-free formula that is ideal for both natural and colour-treated hair. The mega elastic fibres allow you to bend and mould each strand according to your aesthetic while maintaining great shine and separation at the same time.Wind Touch 150ml$29.90This is a light hold volumising paste with the moldability of a cream. It can be blow-dried or air-dried for volume elevation and flexibility. It is ideal for short to mid-length hair.Refresh Dust 300ml $29.90Schwarzkopf OSiS Refresh Dust is a bodifying dry shampoo that refreshes your style between washes. The sprayable powder creates excellent volume for all hair types, and helps the hair to stay fresher for longer. With its light control factor and separating capabilities, greasy hair is given a new lease of life. Refresh Dust is also excellent for freshly washed hair, working to texturize it and make it easier to style. Mess up 100ml$29.90Get moulding with this matt cream. Do not just mess around, mess it in for your personal matt finish. Texturizes. Ideal for short layered haircuts. Use on dry hair. Scoop out a small amount out with the fingertips and massage between palms. When styling, rub it in, stand it up, or smooth it down your choice! Flexwax 85ml $29.90Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax (85ml) is a continuously re-mouldable styling wax formulated to allow hair re-styles over and over again. This wax will provide any hair style with an ultra-strong texture, separation and styling control. Additionally, this product will give you a natural shine finish without leaving any greasy residue. Osis Flexwax is ideal for daily use and will wash out.

The Schwarzkopf OSiS Refresh Dust
Schwarzkopf Osis+ Wind Touch
Schwarzkopf OSIS Thrill

Osis Flex wax
Scwarzkopf osis silver
Schwarzkopf Osis Magic
Osis hairbody
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Sparkler
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Sparkler
Hairbody 200ml$29.90Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Hairbody Prep Spray is an extremely light conditioning styling spray. It provides light control and volume. Easy combing evens out porosity and smoothes the surface with an anti-static effect. The combination of light film formers and QUAT care agents provide non-overburdening hold and care.Grip 200ml$29.90Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Grip Extreme Hold Mousse (200ml) gives ultra-strong hold and huge volume to hair. With a natural shine finish and an anti-static effect, this mousse has thermal protection to help protect against blow-dry damage. Provides uncompromising control making it ideal for extreme hair styles.Sparkler 300ml $29.90Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Sparkler Shine Spray (300ml) is the perfect finisher for your incredible style with an instant sparkling finish. Formulated with lightweight Silicone Oils which smooth and lightly condition the hair, Sparkler Shine Spray is the ultimate finishing touch to your styling regime. Giving hair a light-reflective sparkle and that extra special touch, this best-selling shine spray effectively detangles hair without overburdening it. Perfect for all hair types.Flatliner 200ml$29.90Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Flatliner Heat Protection Spray (200ml) works to protect hair against thermal styling damage while taming frizz and flyaways. This styling spray is essential for straight styles and is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients which protect hair from heat of up to 230c. Session 300ml$29.90Schwarzkopf Osis Session Extreme Hold Hairspray for serious styling sessions. Gives your hair long lasting hold that goes on for hours and hours. Fast drying spray provides the best finish. Non-sticky and fast drying. Session Extreme Hold Hairspray has Schwarzkopf OSIS Control Level of 3 for maximum style moulding and definition. Great for hair ups.Tame Wild 150ml$29.90Frizzy hair won’t know what hit it, thanks to the luscious formula of Schwarzkopf Osis Tame Wild Smoothing Anti-Frizz Cream. The nourishing cream gives hair the hydration it needs to ward of frizziness. Just work Osis Tame Wild Smoothing Anti-Frizz Cream into your damp hair and proceed to style.Curl honey 150ml$29.90By giving your curls natural control, definition and bounce, Schwarzkopf Osis Curl Honey Curl Cream helps you bring the best out of your waves and curls. The medium control helps hair keep its natural flow, whilst Schwarzkopf Osis Curl Honey Curl Cream also tames and tackles frizz, leaving hair soft and shiny. Just work into your damp hair, define your curls, and then air dry or diffuse.Upload 200ml$29.90Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Upload Lifting Volume Cream (200ml) is the ultimate, multi-functional volume cream with medium hold. Delivering instant, lightweight volume and body to all hair types, Upload Lifting Volume Cream smoothes and conditions your hair whilst adding natural body, movement and style. Magic Serum 50ml$29.90Get rid of uncontrollable frizz! Use the Schwarzkopf Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum for flowing, workable and enchantingly luminous tresses. It provides better texture and shine to the hair making it shinier and softer. Keeps hair frizz free and brilliantly glossy. Easy to apply and wash away. Non greasy. 

Schwarzkopf Osis Session
Osis Grip
Schwarzkopf Osis Curl Honey Curl
Schwarzkopf Osis Curl Honey Curl
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Upload Lifting Volume Cream
Schwarzkopf Osis Tame Wild

With all these wonderful hair products to choose from you will never have another bad hair day. Invest in good hair care and look after your crowing glory. Looking great makes us feel great and helps us to put our best selves out there!

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