Everyone loves a set of well-done nails, and 2023 has some of the most fun nail trends to try out. Celebrity nail artists have been doing these for a star-studded client list, and their fun nails have everyone writhing with nail envy. There’s something for everyone, from metallic sheens to cute motifs.

You can tell a lot about a girl from her nails. The shape, length, and design of your choice reflect your personality or even your mood! You can experiment in so many ways when it comes to your manicure. If you are all about trying the latest nail trends, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s how you can stay on top of 2023’s nail trends and always have your nails looking great! ✨

Natural Length Nails

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It seems like you do not need to have extra-long gel nail extensions to be trendy this year. Short and natural-length nails are timeless and back in trend. Instead of going for bold colours or designs, you can choose subtle shades or minimal nail art designs. These nails are a lot easier to do by yourself, and you can maintain them at home. Keep your hands and nails looking extra healthy with cuticle oil and moisturising hand cream.

Magenta Nail

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Pantone’s colour of the year 2023 is viva magenta, and it is showing itself on nails too! Almost every brand has been releasing a version of this colour, and you can add this to your nail polish collection for the year too.

Micro-French Nails

Love a good French manicure? Who does not? French nails made a real comeback last year. Try the 2023 version with ultra-thin lines instead of the class mani. This looks particularly great on nails with square tips and adds a chic finish. You can paint the line with a thin tip brush and clean off any extra with a brush dipped in remover. You could also use a nail polish remover pen if you have one. However, try to avoid any acetone removers since they cause damage and weaken your nails. Better non-acetone removers are available on the market with hydrating ingredients these days. Overall, this look is chic and expensive but simple as it comes!

Colourful French Nails

French nails do not have to be nudes and whites only. You can get a neutral base with colourful tips. Try different colours on all the fingers for a more summery French mani. These French tip manicures were all over the runways in NYFW in the Spring/Summer of 2023. Another tip, if you intend to file your nails yourself, try using a crystal or glass nail file. These are much better than most cheap files that cause nail splits.

Floral Nails

Floral nail art has always been a favourite for romantics. With Bridgerton, vintage rose patterns saw a comeback. You can choose your own vibe by going for something demurer or opting for something in neon. Jump on this trend by getting some floral nail art stickers and press-on, or just go get the elaborate nail art done for some beautiful nails.

Milk Tone Nails

Milk tones were another trend seen on the NYFW runway for spring. It might be more popular this year than the classic nude mani. A tip from professionals to pull off this look is to make sure you moisturise. Your nails need some care, just like any other part of your body. When you apply any hand lotion, be sure to rub some onto your nails. The drier your nails, the more brittle they become. The more moisturised they are, the better your milk-tone mani will look.

Velvet Finish Nails

Shimmer nails are making a comeback, and in the most velvet-esque way. A lot of people have been trying metallic nail polish coats where the shimmer flecks are activated to give a velvet finish. Just add a clear top coat to give it the perfect shiny finish.

Heart Design Nails

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Heart details are going to be everywhere as well! You can draw them into your nails, stuck on as embellishments or decals. They don’t have to be cutesy red or pink hearts, either. Try assorted colours like black, green, etc.

Earthy Green Nails

For all the Pinterest girls out there, an earthy green mani is a must-try for 2023! Darker green colors in two tones or various shades of green make a subtle but beautiful statement. The best part is they go with almost any look! Go for muted and forest green shades to stay on top of this nail trend.

Matte Nails

While shiny is in, so is matte! Matte nails with some element of chrome might be a trend for this year. Rhinestones on these nails would add a touch of glamor to them. Choose muted colours and add simple glam with minimal accessories.

Clean Girl Nails

The clean girl aesthetic is here to stay! Looking healthy and well-groomed will always be a look, and this goes for your nails too. Keep your nails clean and buffed to perfection. Opt for nudes or pinks to attain a simple look. For a more demure, feminine vibe, light pink nails will be popular in 2023. A blush-toned or sheer baby pink polish will give you the exact vibe. Your everyday nails are sorted with this low-maintenance manicure.

Half Moon Nails

Another trend for the minimalists out there is the half-moon manicure. This simple design involves creating an outline over the lunula or the rounded shadow at the end of your nails. The lower part is kept bare, and the upper part of the nail is painted to give the half-moon look. It’s an excellent design for any kind of nail shape or length. You can play with other trends and mix them up with this look too!

Swirly Nails

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Abstract art lovers will always love some swirls on their nails. You can go for anything from spirals to twists. The most popular swirly trend for 2023 is 70’s swirls in dark tones. You can pick your colors or give it an added glam with metallic swirls.

If you want to try all these fun nail trends, focus on better nail care first. Avoid biting those nails and practice good hygiene. Regularly moisturise your nails and keep them clipped short if they are brittle. You need a strong foundation to pull off these nail trends, or you’ll end up doing more damage to them. Give your nails room to breathe in between your manicures.

📝 Tip on nail care

  • Applying gel or acrylics then removing too often will make them dehydrated and weak. Nail growth products or treatments really do help, with strengthening from the inside and helping with growth.

  • Another tip is always to wear gloves when you do the dishes or use strong chemical products, plus when gardening or doing home DIY. Your nails are porous and absorb whatever you expose them to. Healthy nails are like healthy hair; eat better and hydrate for strong and smooth nails.

  • Before you book your nail appointment or buy any new nail paints, check some nail ideas on these 2023 trends. As always we offer complimentary consultation on nail services at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale and you do not need to be a client, we just love to help.

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