By Vicki Ogden-O’Fee & Guest contributor Tyler Stewart

With the long-awaited arrival of the Pure Fiji Vitamin C Brightening Creme and Toning Mist, the Vitamin C collection is now complete. Harnessing the power of the best that nature has to offer in its rich blend of supercharged ingredients, Pure Fiji’s Vitamin C collection puts the ‘C’ back into clear skin. With a beautiful citrus scent sure to impress, this collection takes your skin from dull, dry, aging, and congested to radiant, hydrated, youthful, and clear. Using the world's highest source of Vitamin C extract along with other powerhouse ingredients, this facial care range will deliver dramatic results.

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So, what makes the Pure Fiji Vitamin C range special? The combination of ingredients makes these products game-changers, reaping tons of benefits. The range includes the ingredients Kakadu Extract, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Lime Caviar, and Moringa which combined help the absorption of Vitamin C into the skin, as well as providing all the benefits of regular skin care, including boosting collagen, smoothing wrinkles, and fine lines, increasing hydration, evening skin tone, and texture and restoring radiance and glow. 

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Pure Fiji vitamin c foaming oil cleanser

When doing a skincare routine, the cleanser always is first in line, and the Pure Fiji Vitamin C Foaming Oil Cleanser will start your skincare routine off with a bang. This cleanser dissolves all traces of makeup and impurities, its gentle ingredients delivering amazing results. This antioxidant-rich cleanser instantly brightens as it cleanses, balances skin tone, and unclogs pores to leave skin feeling refreshed and radiant. Our owner, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee has said that this cleanser is “one of the best cleansers I’ve ever tried.” First applied in oil form, this cleanser works into a thick foam, perfect for cleansing and hydrating the whole face.

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Pure Fiji Brightening Toning Mist

The next step in a skincare routine is toner. Contrary to what toner used to be - a strong alcohol-based solution - the Pure Fiji Brightening Toning Mist is used to help your skin absorb other skincare products as well as tightening and minimizing the appearance of pores. This toner restores and replenishes skin with the brightening boost of antioxidant-rich Kakadu plum. Skin-soothing cucumber and passionflower extract combined with witch hazel balance oil production, reduce the appearance of pores and tone and tighten skin. Your skin is left looking firm, refreshed, and glowing.

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Pure Fiji kakadu vitain c brightening serum

Following the application of toner is serum. Infuse your skin with pure Fiji’s newest serum, filled to the brim with Vitamin C in its powerhouse blend of Bakuchiol, Hyaluronate, and Kakadu Plum. The skin’s radiance and luminosity will dramatically improve as an instant dose of moisture visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. After application of the serum, depending on your skin's needs, you can either apply the Brightening Day Creme or Oil.

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Pure Fiji vitamin c day brightening creme

The Brightening day Creme is a great base under makeup to apply and leave on all day. It is made for day-to-day use, especially out and about. Brighten and smooth skin with a powerful blend of pure Vitamin C and lime caviar boosted with skin-smoothing peptides for visibly radiant skin. Dry, dull skin will be smoothed away while extracts of fresh garden sprouts diminish age spots and pigmentation. Kakadu plum and pure Vitamin C visibly brighten skin and reduce the signs of ageing while moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and a cold-pressed oil blend give intense hydration and skin barrier protection.

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Pre Fiji kakadu super vitamin c brightening oil

The Vitamin C Brightening Oil is a great alternative to the day creme on days where you are chilling at home, with no makeup on. This lightweight yet intense formula delivers an instant radiance boost leaving skin looking luminous while smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, boosting collagen, and balancing skin tone.  Brighten and smooth your skin with this super-concentrated Vitamin C oil powered by Kakadu Plum, Bakuchiol, and Moringa oil. 

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Pure Fiji vitamin c masque

The Pure Fiji Vitamin C Masque reveals clearer, brighter, and more radiant skin. Its ingredients work in harmony to stimulate collagen, firm, tighten, and tone your skin. Leave the masque on for just 30 minutes twice a week for luminous skin, or once you have built up a tolerance, leave it on overnight.

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A note from Vicki -

Thanks to niece Tyler Stewart for contributing this Vitamin C Blog. I personally use this range and love the results from this skincare. The hero products in the range for me are the Vitamin C cleansing oil and the Masque.

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