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During the Christmas holidays, you may be partying more, eating more, drinking more and chilling out more. This means we often leave less time to exercise, sleep and taking care of our hair and skin. Once those relaxing weeks are over, many of us are left feeling overwhelmed, not wanting to get back into the swing of things with undernourished hair and skin. Sometimes we end up leaving our mental and physical health on the backburner to live in the moment. Therefore, it is important to rejuvenate yourself after a holiday.

Common occurrences after holiday include dry, frizzy hair, blonde hair turning green from chlorine, dry skin and a need to revamp your style for the New Year.

Before and after straight therapy

Farewell Frizz - Keratin Treatment Christchurch

Whether you’re out swimming in the sea, river or a pool these holidays there is a chance you will experience the dreaded frizzy, dry poofy hair that comes as a result of a lot of water and not enough hair care. This is a common occurrence during holidays involving lots of swimming and sunshine. At V for Hair and Beauty Merivale, we have a lot of stylists with whom you will be able to consult to see what the best way to get your hair back smooth and nourished.

You have multiple options after experiencing this with your hair, including treatments, or if it’s a recurring problem, services like Permanent Straightening, Straight Therapy, Brazilian Blowout, and Keratin Smoothing may be a way for you to go. Of course, before committing to any of these services, we recommend booking a complimentary consultation to see what one is right for you.

Before and after, dry blonde hair after treatment and toner

Dry blonde hair before and after treatment

Another dreaded consequence from spending all of your time in the pool during the holiday is the horrible risk of blonde hair turning a terrible green from too much chlorine! Yes, you heard us right, they are definitely not just stories, but very much a reality. If you have returned from your summer break looking more like a mermaid, we would definitely recommend a salon treatment over trying to solve the problem at home. Many of our clients experience this every year, and usually, all it takes is a toner, paired with a treatment if your hair has become dry as well.

By adding a toner and a treatment, it will neutralize the green tones and revitalise the dry hair, creating a shiny, natural and more appealing hair tone. Mermaid hair no more! When combined with an in-salon treatment, your hair will appear much healthier as well. We would recommend you book a complimentary consultation with or expert stylists, Daniel, Kumar and Sara to discuss price and the right service for you.

Pure Fiji treatment V for hair and beauty

Unfortunately, not all of us tan.

Just one day out in the sun can lead to your skin feeling dry, tight and burnt. Even those who can easily achieve that great summer tan can come home with the same feeling. Though you can try to get that moisture back into your skin at home, another great way to do this is by booking some exfoliating services at our salon. We strongly recommend a specialised facial and body scrub if you end up in this situation. If there's one time of the year you’re wanting to get these services done, post-holiday is the best time for it, your skin will most likely be the driest and undernourished at this time compared to the whole rest of the year. Our beauty therapists are very experienced and expertly trained in their field. 

Spray Tan Christchurch V for Hair and Beauty, Merivale

Be a beautiful bronzed goddess all year round. At V for Hair and Beauty Merivale, we have a purpose-built spray tanning room. Our premium service, surroundings and hygiene standards set us apart from others in the industry. We use only the best tanning products, it’s not a case of one tan suits all so we will consult with you to meet your tan desires.

Though you can achieve healthy skin again at home, at Vfor Hair and Beauty Merivale, we strongly recommend a specialised facial. Dryskin during summer is a definite call for a facial. But you might be wondering,what difference does it really make?

Getting a facial every four to six weeks can make a big difference in your overall complexion. Whether the big difference is softened skin, feeling cleansed, having hydrated skin or minimised wrinkles, there is always a benefit of having regular facials. Booking facial appointments will also help you to keep on top of your regular skincare routine. This is because you’ll leave the beauty rooms with insight into what’s going on with your skin and the suggested follow-up care it will need once you’ve left.

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