Spring Hairstyles 2022

Get the look this season. Have a change. It grows back!
It's only hair! Be adventurous!

Want a statement hairstyle? Pure fashion pigment colours are a great way to achieve this. In most instances, the hair will need to be powder lightened to create a good base for your colour to reflect and shine. Shop Now.

Balayage shag, yes, it's still here! Soft Sunkissed natural tones with bohemian waves. Natural, easy maintenance, sexy, feminine. Shop Now.

Get out the barrel curler, barrel curls are HOT this season. Make sure you shine and define them. No frizzy mess here. Just fabulous full curls with life. The shadow bob is classic and stylish. Great if growing your hair to a longer style. Blunt and precision hair cut really finish the look.

Versatile pixie cut, cut it, shape it, wear it your way! Short hair can be very youthful a great way to have a fresh new look. Shop Now.

Sorry, not sorry... the spiral perm is back ladies!!! Curls, curls and more curls. But your hair needs to be in great condition to achieve a fabulous spiral curl. Chocolate Sundance waves, natural and rich shiny healthy hair. Think toffee raisin red wine tones with hints of butterscotch. Get the look at V for Hair and Beauty.

Short, tussled bob, the perfect spring look. Ticks all the boxes. Easy care, youthful, feminine, on trend. Colour is also the key here, looks better with solid colour whether blonde or dark. Rock it your way.

Checklist to create the best spring hair styles.

  • Good consultation with your stylist that listens.
  • Put aside the budget to achieve your desired style result, you get what you pay for. 
  • Shine, shine, shine... condition. Use good professional hair care. Look after your hair and colour, it's an investment.
  • Book regular hair treatments with the salon.
  • Book from one appointment to the next, maintenance is key.
  • If you can't get to the salon, shop online. Make sure you always have good hair care on hand.
  • Let your stylist show you styling tips. 
  • Experiment on your new look... practice makes perfect!