Just when we think we've finally developed a skin-care routine for our bodies that's both effective and practical, the seasons change and throw us all off-kilter. Although the temps have been slow to shift here in Christchurch, we all know it's coming with a frosty vengeance. In short, now is the time to take extra precautions against a winter full of rough, dry skin and try to preserve that summer tan.

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Pure Fiji Wraps and Scrubs
Pure Fiji Wraps and Scrubs

How? Upping the ante with your exfoliating routine is key to holding on to your glow over the next few months. By sloughing off dead skin, your skin will feel softer and absorb moisture better. Win-win!

To give you a head start (because staying prepared is always a good look), we have rounded up a list of the features and benefits of body exfoliation and body wraps.

Here are some benefits of body exfoliation and body wraps...

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Sugar Rub
Sugar Rub

Body exfoliationtreatments are performedfor a variety of reasons
  • As a treatment on its own, to promote smooth, invigorated and toned skin.
  • To prepare for self-tanning applications.
  • In preparation for body wraps.
  • To break down the skins resistance prior to machine treatments.
  • As an introduction to body therapy.
  • To aid prevention of ingrown hairs.

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Body exfoliation used in preparation for spray tanning

Some examples of body exfoliate treatments are:
  • Body brushing
  • Loofahs/buffing mitts or cloths
  • Sea salt scrubs
  • Sugar rubs

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Pure Fiji - Noni Sugar Rub
Pure Fiji - Noni Sugar Rub

Benefits and effects
  • Increased circulation of blood and lymph (improved nourishment, colour, elimination and cellular renewal).
  • Increased metabolism in the area, aiding the dispersal of cellulite and wastes.
  • Gives a smooth texture to the skin.

Methods of exfoliation

Body brushing
  • Your therapist, using a natural bristle brush, can perform dry body brushing-or you can treat yourself at home.
  • Upward strokes towards the heart and following lymph flow should be adopted.
  • As well as desquamating the skin, the bristles have an invigorating effect on the nerve endings.
Loofahs/buffing mitts or cloths
  • Either natural loofah fibres or synthetic mitts, cloths or gloves.
  • Again, the principals of upward movements towards the lymph nodes and heart.
Salt and sugar rubs
  • Plain salt or sugar can be used but any reputable beauty clinic or spa will use professionally prescribed products.
Body Wrap at V for Hair and Beauty, Merviale, Christchurch
Preparing for Treatment

When having a body exfoliation treatment alone, a body nourishing cream should be applied after showering or rubs have been compressed off.

Pure Fiji - Guava Range
Pure Fiji - Guava Range

Body wraps

Body wraps are performed for a variety of purposes and effects, and there is a wide variety of treatments available.

The general benefits that wraps are promoted for include:

  • Detoxification- often containing sea salt extract, minerals, plant extracts and diuretic ingredients.
  • Weight loss- this is impossible- other than water loss due to the detoxifying- diuretic effects. Most wraps will however promote inch loss due to these effects; of course these results are only temporary.
  • Rejuvenation and skin health/hydration - -the removal of dead skin cells and absorption of nourishing materials much like a facial for the whole body.
  • Body spa treatments and wraps have grown in popularity, clinics not offering these services, face being outdated by more innovative business. Originally only available through health farms and resorts, body wraps are now being incorporated into traditional beauty therapy clinics like V For hair and beauty Merivale.

Body Wraps are advised for the following clients:

  • Individuals trying to lose weight, it will promote motivation and adherence to diet
  • People with elimination problems- to detoxify
  • Skin conditions
  • Prior to special occasion as a temporary circulation pep up and inch loss
  • Post-natal women to tone and firm the contours and lessen stretch marks
  • Clients with cellulite
  • As a rejuvenation/relaxation treat
Treat yourself to detoxifying body wraps designed to hydrate and firm skin from head to toe

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale body wrap treatments improve the texture and appearance of the skin by softening and moistening as they remove excess water and harmful toxins from the body. Our natural body wraps are specialised body masques that help reduce fine lines and improve skin tone. As body wraps stimulate circulation, they help renew tired, neglected skin. Better still; the relaxation they facilitate can help reduce stress.At V For Hair and Beauty Merivale, we use ingredients found in nature to produce optimal results. Our wrap ingredients include clays, salts and coconut milks. We use and thoroughly recommend the Pure Fiji body care products, both the in salon professional products and the take home aftercare. These have a variety of extracts and natural essential oils. All ingredients are carefully selected to work together to soften, detoxify, and relax the entire body.So let’s get started with achieving smoother brighter hydrated skin!Visit our Shop