It's a Winter Wonderland here at V for Hair with sales all round to help you look and feel YOUR best.

If you are wanting to look and feel fabulous during the colder weather we have just the thing for you to make you feel bright and beautiful. V for Hair and Beauty is having a massive Winter Wonderland sale with 10% -20% off all major top-selling hair and beauty brands.

Winter wonderland sale

With this cooler weather our hair and skin can suffer so sometimes we need to take extra care. At V for Hair and Beauty we are wanting to help you find what products you should use to keep yourself feeling your best. We offer FREE in salon or online consultations to help you with your personal grooming purchases.

If you are wanting our top products discounted to get yourself feeling fresh and beautiful check out below what products are on sale. V for Hair and Beauty Sale ends 21st August 2020 with Free delivery in NZ!

What's on sale ?

10% OFF All Pure Fiji Body Care + FREE DELIVERY 

Pure Fiji sale

Pure Fiji Body is your go to product to get fresh dewy skin. Colder weather can often mean dry and dull skin so therefore we need to take extra care to ensure your skin is well looked after. Pure Fiji are full of goodness that help rejuvenate your skill to feel hydrated. With their luxurious smells they transport you to a tropical paradise that makes you feel like you're in summer.

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10% OFF All Pure Fiji Facial Care + FREE DELIVERY 

 Pure Fiji sale

The skin on our face is extremely delicate therefore it is important to take extra care to your face. Pure Fiji products use all natural ingredients to allow for the best facial care. Many products use harsh ingredient that can do more damage than good. That why we recommend Pure Fiji that has a holistic approach to skin care and will help your face feeling younger and more vibrant.

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15% OFF All Mukti Organics + FREE DELIVERY 

Mukti organics sale

Mukti products are organic and natural what more could you want? At V for Hair and Beauty we love this approach to skin and body care. Avoiding harsh products can give your skin and hair a break and allow your natural beauty to come through. Break up your routine with some natural goodness.

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20% OFF All BC Hair Care + FREE DELIVERY 

BC hair sale

Dull weather can have our hair feeling dry and dull. BC hair care is the perfect solution to give your hair some extra nutrients to ensure your hair stays strong. Beautiful hair helps YOU feel your best. We all want good hair days and with BC hair care range you can have good hair days, everyday.

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20% OFF All Osis Styling + FREE DELIVERY 

Osis styling sale

Want to stand out with beautiful hair this season? Oasis styling is for you then. Oasis styling range allows you to push the boundaries and be your own individual. This is the perfect product for those days when your hair needs a little extra help to give the extra wow factor.

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BlondMe sale

Blonde hair needs extra care. Bleaching hair and going blonde can be very damaging on the hair, but with the BlondMe range you can ensure your fabulous blonde hair is at its healthiest. BlondMe products revive dull and damages blonde hair and to give you hair a refreshing new look and feel.

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20% OFF All Goodbye Yellow + FREE DELIVERY 

Goodbye yellow sale

Often blonde hair can have yellow or orange undertones, when this happens there is nothing I recommend more than Goodbye Yellow. Goodbye Yellow will help bring your blonde hair to life and get rid of these yellow undertones. This shampoo is a blonde hair saviour.

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3D mens sale

Mens hair needs to be taken care of just as womens. That's why we want to give all the men an opportunity to take care of their hair this winter. 3D Mens hair range will transform your hair and give it that volume and shine you've been wanting. Our VJ barbers love this range to style and keep mens hair fresh and strong.

20% OFF All Silhouette + FREE DELIVERY 

silhouette sale

Silhouette hair care range will have your hair shiny and fresh. This range is perfect for many hair care needs and hair types. Not only is it a top quality product used in salons but is very affordable to help you get the result you are looking for when it comes to your hair care.

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20% OFF All Fibreplex + FREE DELIVERY 

fibreplex sale

Our Fibreplex range is the perfect way to restore your hair. Everyday life, cold weather and not looking after our hair properly can over time cause serious damage. In order to bring that life back into our hair and balance everything out we need to take extra care. that's were Fibreplex comes in. These products will help your hair feel and look amazing.

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20% OFF All Session Label Styling + FREE DELIVERY 

Session label styling sale

Give volume and and life to your hair with the Session products. There range will help you gets that salon look at home. You'll no longer have a day where you feel it's difficult to style and care for your hair. This salon used product brings the salon to your home.

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At V for Hair and Beauty we love and use these products regularly. We want you to look and feel you're best at all times. that's why we believe you deserve to pamper yourself with these top quality products to get the same results you'd get at a salon or a beauty parlour at home.

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