In a world of challenge and conflict, the Victoria Jane woman stands up, stands out, stands strong and she is always ‘more’ without uttering a word or losing her softness of soul.

The Victoria Jane collections of divine design tell the world that she might love flowers but she is no wallflower, she blooms; she might like parrots but she won’t copy the words of another, she has her own; her crown might tilt from time to time but she will straighten it and stride ahead and delight in discovering more gems in her life.  Just as you will delight in discovering more gems in the Victoria Jane collections of divine design that personify your beauty and mood of the moment. And your loved ones will want to give you ‘more’ so that sparkle, shine and smile in your eyes stays bright and never dulls.  

Lead designer & curator, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee with some of her Victoria Jane tribe.

‘More is more’ for the Victoria Jane woman but every Victoria Jane woman gets to define what ‘more’ looks like for her.  For one it might be having a home full to the brim of the bold and the bright yet for another it might be just a flash or splash here and there of deeply decadent designs.  It might well be discreetly behind closed doors emerging out of the bath to the smell of sensual Victoria Jane candles, wrapped in a decadent Victoria Jane bath towel, lounging across a beautiful and bold Victoria Jane blanket, resting against a divinely designed Victoria Jane cushion and all the time delighting in being secretly gloriously decadent.  

It could be the treasure of a luxury designer vegan Victoria Jane handbag that makes her feel like a crowned princess with a splash of colour that catches your eye and the twinkle in her eye.  The design she reaches for can tell you if she is feeling as strong, silent and sensual as the prowling tiger or as flitty, flirty and flighty as the hummingbird or as a bold, bright and brilliant as the flamingo.  

Victoria Jane is the embodiment of my love of designing and curating collections that you want to engulf you, that you can see, smell and touch.  It is a celebration of being all we are and all we can be as women, giving ourselves permission to be plentiful, playful and purposeful.  The greatest joy is standing back and watching people savor it all and their smile reaching their eyes.  It makes my heart smile when I hear stories about how glorious someone has been made to feel with a gift or random act of kindness from the Victoria Jane collections ‘just because’ they are truly special to you.  It has been a life-long dream to be able to design and curate collections that take on and reflect the identity of the woman who treasures them.  Many hours are spent on the design and bringing together ‘more’ because every woman deserves ‘more’ so she never accepts ‘less.’  It’s why we have the collections as we do so that you can curate your own collection over time or you might need a little help putting this together for a loved one.  And we love hearing the stories behind why a design has struck a chord with you or your loved one – and of course, a picture tells a thousand words.