Introducing Gokul Solanki.

Gokul comes to us from Gujarat in the West of India near Baroda known as the cultural capital of India. Gokul originally trained in a family Barbering business going back four generations which has seen Gokul learn some amazing barbering techniques passed down through the generations.

He has been working at Vj Barbers Merivale Mall for 18 months now. Gokul is a fantastic men’s grooming Barber with exceptional Cut throat shaving skills. He adds a wealth of expertise and men’s grooming knowledge to our team of Barbers. Gokul is fluent in Gujarati, Hindi and English and has a lot of Indian clients that come to him to converse in Gujarati, Hindi these clients have been to other NZ Barbers who do not understand the client’s needs. Gokul will certainly look after you and communicate to get a great result with your cut and shave services.

In Gokul’s own words…I can do various services for you guys, such asShaves, Trendy haircuts, Blading, Men’s facials, Men’s De-Greying camo service.

Gokul hot steam shaving VJ Barber
Gokul preforming Hot steam shave on Vj Barbers Client

Firstly, our shave menu, it includes line-up, standard, premium and beard shape.

• Line up shave: in this service, you get face a massage and line up shave with cut throat razors this shave is for shaping facial hair such as beards and moustaches and give you a good line to shave to for the coming weeks until your next line up shave. This service takes approx. 20 to 30 minutes

• Standard hot steam shave: in this shave, you receive first a facial massage and then hot steaming towels followed by shaving cream being lathered the shave then takes place with the cut throat razor, after shave is applied at the end of the service. This service takes approx. 30 to 45 minutes.

• Premium shave: This is quite different from other type of shaves and is luxury plus. It includes extraordinary service in very quiet environment it includes massage hot towels scrubbing massage with steam to exfoliate the skin and bring the whiskers to the surface followed by more hot towels lathered shave cream, the shave with Cut throat blades followed by moisturiser and after shave you will leave looking and feeling great.

•. Beard shaping: This is performed with clipper shaping the whiskers to help with face shape giving a groomed look for the beard

Gokul Client with Sesser hair cut
Gokul at Vj Barbers Merivale with one of his many regular clients.

• Trendy haircut: Now days many clients come with photos of various hair styles like,low fade high fade, one side style, formal hair style, business look razor cut style, and textured style so each client receives a good shampoo with massage fantastic haircut and style. Nasal, ear and nape hair are groomed with every haircut along with brows tided, if you prefer Gokul can cut throat shave the nape hair and line up the nape as well.• Facials for men: This includes 4 steps face massage, scrubbing to exfoliate and remove dead and dry skin, followed by deep gel massage and last but not least face pack mask prescribe for your skins needs with rose water and purifying steaming followed by moisturiser to finish. Gokul’s clients come regularly for this facial service and see great results with their skin. This is a signature service for Gokul and he has years of experience in this field.

Men's facial VJ barbers
Gokul performing men's facial at Vj Barbers Merivale.

• De-Grey or Highlight: in these services clients find a menu of temporary camo colour, permanent colour, highlights and shoeshine colour service. Many men get a De-Grey every haircut. Camo De-grey camouflages grey hair and makes fine hair look thicker. Clients look years younger no regrowth…your mates won’t even know they will just think man he’s looking younger these days…and who wouldn’t want that!

So, for any men’s grooming Gokul is your man he is so passionate about his craft has a wealth of knowledge and tremendous respect for his clients and invites you to visit him at Vj Barbers.