Underarm waxing

It is time you try waxing!

Some of the best beauty ideas out there are the ones that have been around forever, but you just haven’t tried yet.

While many of us have experimented with waxing just about everybody part possible, consistency is key sessions later and my skin had never felt smoother. (Also, you know those hard-to-shave spots, like knees and the back of your thighs? You better believe wax can take care of that.) Now years later the result is hardly any hairs on my legs, and very little waxing maintenance needed… well that is just a bonus! Hair free stress-free courtesy of the beauty team at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale.

Some tips from the experts. These top 10 benefits of waxing over shaving will give you an overview of why many people have converted to waxing as a method of hair removal.

Waxing experience

Always choose a trusted professional for your waxing… V For Hair and Beauty Merivale.


  1. Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.
  2. No cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars.
  3. Shaving can cause rashes on sensitive skin.
  4. For many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer.
  5. Waxing produces smoother results because hair is pulled from the root.
  6. Shaving can result to stubbles. If you don’t shave often enough, your legs will feel rough and abrasive.
  7. Waxing will make your skin feel smoother longer without feeling itchy, because of slower hair regrowth.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, waxing is not always painful. if you do it right, it is almost pain-free.
  9. Waxing is fast and convenient.
  10. Skin is less susceptible to irritations associated with shaving. You can also use, hair growth retardants to slow down hair growth and minimise ingrown hairs, irritation, redness and bumps caused by shaving, waxing, hair removal cremes and electrolysis.
Waxing benefits

To make sure you get the most out of your session, Vicki Ogden O’Fee from V For Hair and Beauty Merivale gives us the following tips on waxing.

Let it grow.

Therefore it is best to get your first leg, bikini, or Brazilian wax when the weather is still cool enough to wear pants: you need about a week-and-a-half to two weeks of hair growth. Of course, “it depends how fast your hair grows, but we usually recommend about 1 cm [of hair].
So, embrace the fuzz and let it grow. On the plus side, consider this the last time you’ll ever have uncomfortable stubble, because anything that grows post-wax will be soft, fresh new hair.

Exfoliation is key.

In the days before your appointment, prep your legs by exfoliating. Pure Fiji Sugar Rub is perfect for this and before you shower is best, as it really sloughs off skin, but an in-shower scrub can also do the trick. When you come in to get waxed, if you have exfoliated properly all the hair will come out. If you do not [exfoliate properly] you will see some of the hair grow again in two weeks. Do not forget to exfoliate post-wax too: use both a dry brush and in-shower scrub for at least 10 days after. We give a complimentary exfoliation on your legs before all waxing services.

Pure Fiji Sugar rub from V For Hair and Beauty Merivale
Pure Fiji Sugar rub from V For Hair and Beauty Merivale.

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Hydration is a must before and after you wax. Many scrubs contain moisturising ingredients, but you need good moisturising home body care as well such as Pure Fiji Body care which has been developed with all over body hydration in mind. The products are very moisturising but not oily. Keep your body happy by applying good quality hydration as soon as you’re out of the shower—and off the waxing table. (At V for Hair and Beauty Merivale we will do this post-wax for you).

Pure Fiji range for body pampering
The beautiful Pure Fiji range for body pampering.

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Don’t shave. Just don’t.

Real talk: the hardest part about becoming a leg waxing convert is dealing with hair growth between waxes. You may be tempted to shave, but the longer you stick with waxing, the better it gets. “Really, if you do it once a month and never shave in between, your hair will start growing way finer and way slower. We see a lot of people who [now] come every six weeks because it’s worked so well. Plus, once you’re on board with the whole “set it and forget it” mentality of leg waxing, the idea of returning to every-second-day shaving will seem incredibly unappealing.

Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian wax can be one of the best changes you can make in your health and beauty regimen. Many of us females have found that the Brazilian waxing is a lot less scary than people think! Many clients when first thought about going for a Brazilian wax were nervous about 2 things: 1. The pain, and 2. The fact that some stranger was going to be looking at their private parts up close and personal. Our many regular clients that have been having regular Brazilian waxing tell us all that the benefits of a Brazilian wax far outweigh the minimal pain of the experience. Be bikini ready with your waxing services from V For Hair and Beauty Merivale.

Brazilian waxing

How long does a Brazilian wax take?

Appointments take up to 30 minutes on average. This includes arriving and checking in, getting waxed, and checking out. Most clients are on the beauty bed for about 15 to 20 minutes. It is not an hour ordeal that includes lots of anxiety. It is quick and easy.

Professional waxing

Our fully trained and qualified beauty therapists pull the strips off quickly and places their hand on the uncovered area (just like an eyebrow wax). Once she removes her hand, the stinging on your skin is gone. Each strip causes a stinging sensation for a couple seconds and then goes away. When you leave, you can do whatever you want for the rest of the day with no pain. Many Clients often workout right after their appointment. For girls who have just finished menstruating, they suggest taking an ibuprofen before the wax because your skin tends to be more sensitive (however, in most cases, you will be fine). Most people get anxious about the butt portion of the Brazilian wax. Many shy away from it without ever knowing that it is the most painless part! We are talking almost no pain at all!

Up close and personal…

For those of you who are worried about someone getting that close to your private parts, I can only tell you that our therapists will make you totally comfortable at each of your appointments. It makes many ladies feel more confident and feminine. If you have any questions about how your skin is reacting to the wax, our beauty therapists’ specialists are knowledgeable and open to talking about it in a professional manner. They will give you tips on how to make your waxed skin last longer, how to exfoliate properly, and much more.

The benefits!

Most women get waxed once a month. Sometimes, depending on how well your skin reacts, it can last for 6 weeks. The first time you go, you cannot shave for 10-14 days before your first appointment. The wait is worth it, trust me. After your first couple of waxes the hair will grow back sparingly and thin. You will feel incredibly smooth with no razor bumps or rashes. Get it done right before by one of our trusted professional therapists and have a smooth bikini line all week (and then some!). So, give it a try! We have suggested Brazilian and body waxing to many of our clients and now they can’t even imagine going back to shaving!

Professional and comfortable waxing

At V for hair and Beauty we have put together a few ways to make the beauty waxing maintenance regime easy on you and your pocket.

Waxing for legging

Six Months Unlimited Waxing Visits
For three areas of your choice.
Hassle free waxing.

Choose 3 areas: half leg, bikini maintenance, Brazilian maintenance, underarm, upper lip, chin, brows.
Redeemable for as much waxing within a six-month period as you wish.

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Waxing club 3

Waxing Club

Get 3 areas waxed.

Choose one area: half leg, bikini maintenance, Brazilian maintenance

+ choose two other areas: underarm, upper lip, chin, brows.

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