What’s up for winter 2020?

Hair Trends for 2020

Short haircuts (especially) bobs, showing off natural texture, beach waves, modern shag haircut, textured braids, fringes especially deep long to brow curtain fringes. A softer feminine natural look this season short hair will be a big feature.

Hair Trends 2020 bangs and bob
Hair Trends 2020 braids
Hair Trends 2020
Hair Trends 2020 pixie cut
Hair Trends 2020 short cut
Hair Trends 2020 waves
Hair Trends 2020 bangs

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is big this season, suits, blazers, trousers and skirts. Having a solid depth of colour. Colour blocking is a method of wearing solid colours in an outfit.  The outfit revolves around your personal colour palette, usually in bold and bright shades. The result is a simple yet very chic look. The Duchess of Sussex shows this look off particularly well.

Fashion Trends 2020 - Colour Blocking
Fashion Trends 2020 - Colour Blocking
Fashion Trends 2020 - Colour Blocking

Patterns and texture also feature as does the feminine pleated skirt

Florals are still very on trend and geometric patterns. Wide leg tuxedo pants and the body suit are making a resurgence winter 2020. Tule skirts and dresses and embroidered fabrics are here along with luxurious velvet.

Fashion Trends 2020
Fashion Trends 2020 floral
Fashion Trends 2020 - green velvet
Fashion Trends 2020 pink suit
Fashion Trends 2020 - trelise blue check
trelise patterns winter 2020
Fashion Trends 2020 - tule skirt
Fashion Trends 2020

Winter 2020 Shoes

Flat pumps are making a comeback, winter 2020 sees lots of fun happening in shoes, colour, texture, style, embellishment all on trend factors this season. The fashion dress sneaker is still here, but this needs to have a polished look from top to toe if you want to be on point and polished grooming.

Shoe Trends 2020 - ball-boots
Shoe Trends 2020 - boots
Shoe Trends 2020 - pink-shoes
Shoe Trends 2020 - embellished-boots
Shoe Trends 2020
Shoe Trends 2020
Shoe Trends 2020

Your wardrobe

Making the most of your wardrobe means a good clean out and tidy at least 3 times a year. We all get busy and just put things back in the wardrobe to get them out of the way. Set yourself aside a couple of hours three times a year and it will be very easy to keep on top of your wardrobe organisation.

Fashion Trends 2020

When you have clothes to sell, have these well ironed and on hangers, present them nicely. When I have done this my discarded clothes have been taken in by the second-hand shop and sold easily. When previously I have taken them, all scrunched up in a bin bag unpresented the shop hardly looks at them. Once I took the same clothes back a week later and they took the lot! Presentation is everything!

Personal Stylist Christchurch

You can do your wardrobe yourself or bring in the professionals…a service which I am offering and is extremely popular.

Wardrobe Planning Audit

Ladies have a total makeover of their wardrobe and I show you new ways to mix and match outfits which creates numerous new looks from your current wardrobe. I also leave you a list of where I see the gaps in your wardrobe.

A consultation  to discuss what direction you would like to take your hair and personal style is priceless. Consultation is the time you can discuss different options for your personal desired look. At V For hair and Beauty we offer complimentary consultations for hair and beauty. Vicki is also offering a complimentary consultation for personal styling on colour wardrobes and personal make overs.

Personal Stylist Vicki